What is E-Commerce and what are three benefits to an organization when trading with E-Commerce? related questions

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What is E-Commerce and what are three benefits to an organization when trading with E-Commerce?0Dude really2012-07-13 07:29:01
Can anyone tell me what e-commerce is and what is ment by mail commerece . So are the three main benefits of trading with E -commerce
What do u no about the essence of e-commerce,hardware n software background of e-commerce?0sharla2012-08-31 13:26:04
the impotance of electronic commerce on the management of commercial business competitiveness
What is the safest website in e-commerce & shopping and do you believe in this method of trading?0leeann2012-07-18 13:40:02
I e-commerce1Holda2012-02-08 22:16:32
E-commerce novice. Although born in the profession may be, after all, no experience. Think about when looking for work in electronic commerce. But what really seemed like a loss. Our company is engaged in the broadcasting industry R & D team and sales. To really trust in this environment of e-commerce sales online really hard . You can imagine , industry of radio and television can do is every day that the Lord has multiple web browsing on the Internet? So I have an e-commerce company . To say that e-commerce , I am doing the work published online , updates Web site maintenance of the problems I had , I have no administrative or design on the top. I often think that ultimately what I do is to make e-commerce or the alternative. I maintain the website is a product update lifetime , in which the replacement or what? Do not know where my future, as if slowly away from e-commerce . I lost a .............
This is fraud of a commerce1Claud2012-03-21 02:23:51
A brewery, says he wants not the message short hair to give me the rice before you buy here, still is the website of your company in the short message , I have the message shortly before attention , spent half month later, sent a short message , are from one day to call me yet , have I have rice, I gave him the price he has not the price of how to join me in try me , look like him, can still be accepted , with respect to the requirement to take a sample to go personally to the city then will , if successful , shows signs an agreement with me. Also the connection between two mobile with respect to only . Has a problem that I apologize . What is needed notice
What is your openion about E-commerce?0Allison A2012-10-10 11:30:26
1) Do you know clearly about MedlinePlus E - Commerce? MedlinePlus 2) Is the trade over the Internet is necessary for our economy? MedlinePlus 3) Do you think that trade through network is secure ? MedlinePlus 4) Do you have cheated before, while trade through internet ? MedlinePlus 5) E -Commerce help increase globalization ? MedlinePlus 6) The payment made through the Internet for products purchased is safe . MedlinePlus Do you agree ?
What use does those chamber of commerce of Dunhuang have?1Teah2012-08-06 00:42:03
Of those chamber of commerce of Dunhuang what is establishing a goal? What profit is there after joining? Which those who know is OK guidance giving a point
International Chamber of Commerce1 Macau2012-02-11 20:04:17
International Chamber of Commerce
Creating an e-commerce site?1Kaha Mark2014-12-03 09:10:13
Are MonsterCommerce.com network solutions and good places to build cost-effective platforms , proffesional trade for both UK and international trade?
The direction of e-commerce chain1Celest2012-11-04 11:12:02
To see many reports of e-commerce , a kind of logistics and information is not the operation of the chain. What I would like to ask professionals who know the chain development of electronic commerce ? ? ? thanks
where did yida commerce trade go?1Donalda2012-02-14 02:48:02
a request i hockey shirts Yida trade and commercial cooperation when I went to ask a question that said the company delete as you let me doze I paid for my order I get it or I will not waste my money
Can I do e-commerce, how to take the name ah? XX is not to increase business Co., Ltd. ah?1grey-haired2012-03-17 19:42:09
I want to create a new company. This a major e-commerce and trade. I like to name simple point, generous name, I do not know what is good ? Who can help me think of a , ah , ah Oita wait! Supplementary question: is similar to the XX Business Co. , Ltd. , probably more reflecting the characteristics of the business. Simple and clear. Similar to business management Business Co Ltd, or up one. The expression is positive as this.

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