I'm a 21 year old business student, I wanna start trading in the stock market? related questions

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I'm a 21 year old business student, I wanna start trading in the stock market?2teeka2012-08-21 07:19:25
Where should I start? I want to start out with just a small investment. Is this easy? Any info or links will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Im an 18 year old student.I wanna enter stock market and make alot of money.help me?1Gaines2012-09-06 16:01:16
I wanna do online trading and Im interested buying and selling of variety of goods (not only stocks). I can invest very little
Getting rich in the stock market and using the money to start a business?0jordan and brooke2012-09-26 12:27:03
I intended to invest in the stock market starting as soon as I had turned 18 years through the use of options trading , but I actually think that options trading is not my thing at all and I probably most likely not as long as options expire worthless . Also, my heart is not in options trading and I think I should use alternatives such as penny stocks to begin with, and if I successul and make enough money to invest in IPOs and perhaps create a web-based company or something to build most of my wealth . Would it be possible to do and it sounds like a good plan?
U.S. Economy: Why does America run a deficit every year? DJIA Investing Economics Business Stock Market?0Peggie2012-09-23 01:30:02
One reason why the United States is becoming poorer and there is speculation of a dollar eventual " fall" is because the U.S. is losing billions of $ for its trade imbalance ( not enough export and import too , therefore , a negative balance ) . My question is , why the United States has a trade deficit to start ? How often do the same economic power ( such as Japan , Germany , etc. ) From what I've read , China has a positive trade balance sheet ( exprots more imports ) . So why did the U.S. leaving a deficit , and how long was the economic situation in the U.S. ? Why the U.S. try to " make money " and run a positive balance , therefore , not dependent on foreign mega- rich ( in the Middle East and Asia ) to buy U.S. debt . Please clarify with a comprehensive response . Thank you !
How does a stock market open weak. just wanna a know how its low before the trading starts?1.....................................2012-10-11 07:51:02
Pls clarify . Why is that the market does not open in the previous days close ... Who or what factors the opening set .
I'm Interested in investing or trading in stock market. I'm only a student and not a big time businessman.5nevaeh2012-10-05 13:19:02
I'm Interested in investing or trading in stock market. I'm only a student and not a big time businessman. I was wondering how can I start. Any pointers or where can I get information regarding this matter.
Any professional traders interested to mentor a high school student in stock market trading?1rolando2012-11-03 16:04:02
Hey , MedlinePlus I am a high school student and am interested in becoming a futures trader as a career. I have basic knowledge of the securities markets and have a passion for taking part in this field . I am also taking the courses necessary to succeed in this area , such as economics . MedlinePlus I need someone who can be my mentor to become a successful trader and make money , lol . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would really appreciate if you can take your time to answer a couple of my questions to get you started in the trade . I would be very grateful to have a great mentor. MedlinePlus :) MedlinePlus I would prefer if I can email if you are interested . Thank you very much .
I would like to start trading in the penny stock market, but don't know where to start.Culd u advise websites?0Khin2012-09-28 20:42:02
I would like to start trading in the penny stock market , but do not know where or advise start.Culd websites ?
I want to start trading in share market.. how can i learn about the stock market?1Keri Ann2015-07-14 02:37:09
are there any quality online courses that will give me enough knowledge to do so? i dont care if they are paid or free, i need to know the system.. plz help me out!! :)
Can i get rich trading in the stock market over a 10 year period??1Shirlena2012-10-13 09:50:02
im 20 and I want to build an empire of wealth over a period of 10 years, so I will be 30 and have a good amount of money , like a million . im starting with 30k stock market is the best way to build wealth over a period of 10 years do you know any other investment that promote wealth faster for a period of 10 years ?
How do you start a stock trading business?3Conflicted College Student2012-08-23 21:29:05
I am looking to start a trading business. It will be just me one maybe one other person. Does it have to be a day trading business, or can you have long term holdings? How many trades do you have to trade, and how much does it cost? Where will you trade at, e-trade, AmeriTrade or some other brokerage firm? Please be as specific as possible, thank you.
I want to get into the stock market... I'm 20, a law student and prepared to do read whatever books I need to?1LECY2012-10-26 22:57:02
I've heard of people my age making a good income enough of this , but I've never heard of finance or the stock market . I really do not know where to start ... from any suggestions ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in Sydney if that matters. MedlinePlus Oh , and I have a lot of cash :) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think it is Day Trading I want to get into ... I'm not the kind of person who looks forward to when I 'm 50 or 60 - maybe that's not wise , but now I need the money and I'm willing to read and research .. I just do not know where to start

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