Can I sell Trading Cards At a pawn shop? related questions

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Can I sell Trading Cards At a pawn shop?0Clenisford J2012-07-13 06:13:02
I have about 300 Yu-Gi-Oh cards and 80 magic cards. Would i be able to sell them at a pawn shop?
Is trading in all my old ps2 games and my ps2 to a pawn shop worth the money to buy a ps3?2Smithen2012-08-08 23:15:43
NEOPETS: anyone sell trading cards in there neopet shop?0adjfbahbhas2012-07-26 13:35:02
just looking for trading cards.
Where can I sell trading cards?15 grade2012-10-25 11:03:49
I've got those lame cards like pokemon and yu-gi-oh cards, and some football and baseball cards. I've had them for years and I want to sell them somewhere. Can I sell them at gamestop? Or does anybody know another store that I can sell them at?
Where to sell all my trading cards?0scooby2012-07-23 16:44:02
i have over 10,000 trading cards everything from star wars, halo, godzilla, pokemon, yugioh, the old marvel overpower, harry potter, mario party, teen titans, and digimon. but thats not all i have more. i wanna get ride of all of them in one swoop. almost all of them are old cards in mint. i priced one of my star wars and saw it was $50 alone.
I have about 1,200 trading cards, how much can i sell them for?1Jari2012-09-17 16:21:04
There are car , baseball , basketball , football , hockey, golf and business cards . I want to know how much I can sell . They are in very good condition. I bought like in 2000 something. So they are so old. I have very good cards like Michael Jordan , Carmelo Anthony , Phil Jackson, the Celtics coach , Dennis Rodman, Dikembe Mutombo, etc.
Where can I sell my trading cards?1Caroline2012-08-14 11:48:01
I live in West Chester PA. Does anyone know any little trading card places where I can sell all of them? Does anyone know any websites where I can check out how much they are?
Where can i sell nba trading cards?1Huntsville332012-10-04 20:55:04
i put em in a binder since there's a lot. i categorized it by players on each page. I have a page and a half of jordans, some old school players in there too like dom wilkins, i have one wilt chamberlain card, some team cards, old pippen cards, kevin mchale, etc. i just want to sell them and don't know where to sell, neone know a good place to sell this? thanks in advance
Where can i sell nba trading cards?0Chace2012-06-29 15:17:02
i em placed in a folder since there is not much . I categorized by players on each page. I have a page and a half of Jordan , some old school players there as well as freedom Wilkins , I have a card Wilt Chamberlain , some team cards , old cards Pippen , Kevin McHale, etc. I just want to sell and 'don not know where to sell, neone know a good place to sell this? thanks in advance
Where can I sell my old NBA Trading Cards?2Lisa 46682012-08-11 07:26:40
Where I can sell my old cards trade in the NBA?
Where can I sell old trading cards?0jacee2012-08-31 16:35:02
Still I have some Pokemon and Yugioh cards from when I was little that I want to sell ! I need the money !
Acquired WoW trading cards and now trying to sell them.?0hates math2012-07-22 00:02:01
But I know nothing about WoW and have never played the game. I do know that I have a lot of rare cards and that they are categorized by color. Does anyone know of a website that I could use as a reference to price these?

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