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Fantasy football excessive trading question?6lijan2015-07-29 22:11:11
One of the guys in our league is an excessive trader and he comes off as a real jerk too. He's already done three trades and the fourth trade he did keeps getting vetoed not because its not fair but I think people are tired of putting up with his crap. Do you think its fair?
Fantasy Football Trade Question. I am trading Moreno and Turner for Andre Johnson and Antonio Bryant.?0Corneliu2012-07-11 16:53:07
Is this a good trade? My other strating players: Warner, Grant, S Jackson, B Marshall, Percy Harvin, (AJ?) This is assuming that Andre is ok, I know he is slightly injured. They are calling it a bruised lung, which sounds bad, but is actually common after taking a severe hit.
Fantasy football question: Which TE and team D should i get?2PLEASE HELPPP2012-10-08 10:18:02
My trade deadline is in two days and now run my division, but my only two concerns for me are tight and the team's defense . My wings are closed today, Greg Olsen ( ugh) and Zach Miller. D for the team I have Cardinals and 49ers . I see no consistency especially in my tight ends and no one wohm shud get it? sleepers also
Real Fantasy Football Trade question?0???knowme???2012-09-22 04:03:02
Should I negotiate for Jamal Lewis Brandon Jacobs . It seems that an operation would be meaningless , but looking long term participation and not share Lewis Jacobs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do u guys think ?
I have a trade question for my fantasy football team?0tegan leigh2012-10-14 00:23:17
I have my TE Todd Heap . MedlinePlus In the choice of my league are the following: MedlinePlus Marcedes Lewis , JAC MedlinePlus Robert Royal , CLE MedlinePlus Jerramy Stevens , MedlinePlus Kellen Davis , CHI MedlinePlus Dante Rosario , CAR MedlinePlus Tony Scheffer , DEN MedlinePlus Shawn Nelson , BUF Derek Schouman , BUF MedlinePlus Heap Should I stop one of these guys and if so which one or two ?
What is the last week for trading on Fantasy Football?0uop2012-07-22 01:25:02
There is a period between trade and other players picking up correct ?
On Fantasy Football, what is trading block?12- Love Lock closure scared '2015-10-30 23:53:59
I am new at Fantasy Football and I am planning to place Randy Moss in it. If i put him on, does that mean that other team's can make offers for Randy Moss.
What do you think I should start: Tim Hightower or should I try trading him for Fantasy Football?2Trevina2012-09-05 05:32:04
I'm playing for the first time , so any suggestions would be great . Thank you !
How do I put a player on the Yahoo Fantasy football trading block?0DDee2012-07-30 05:59:57
Where do you find the TRADING BLOCK on espn fantasy football page?0Mily2012-07-11 16:45:02
In a Yahoo Fantasy Football league, how do you change the trading deadline?0tarra2012-10-14 14:10:40
I am the commissioner of my league and everyone wants it extended.
On espn fantasy does the draft pick trading work?0guzy2012-07-27 20:04:02
so they can trade photos in the middle of the season? or just before the project? or must do before the project? (In season). and if possible to do this season , as if someone sold me my first round AP selection , where are you going to do that , even if its possble . any input is appreciated.

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