Woul you trade Harden & Westbrook of OKC for Derrick Rose? related questions

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Woul you trade Harden & Westbrook of OKC for Derrick Rose?1Sade C2012-08-16 12:12:03
Should the Chicago Bulls trade Derrick Rose for Pau Gasol?4kadejah2012-10-23 16:23:03
Both Gasol and Rose are good players who have the bad luck and the other has a serious injury . During the past 12 years , the Bulls have not won a title since 1998 and new to be created again in the next 10 years or less. The Bulls fans need to realize that D.Rose is NOT the new Jordan , and to label it but it is not Jordan , but only D.Rose . Pau Gasol will be a perfect fit with the Bulls and I thank you for giving Los Angeles Championships 2x. No other NBA teams do not want it so much and D.Rose D.Howard because of his injuries. I think it's time to let go and Pau Gasol, Derrick Rose come to Los Angeles.
In nba 2k12 I want to trade for Derrick Rose after my first year of association?0Trang2012-07-06 08:50:01
I'm playing with the Pacers and won the MVP with George Hill this help?
So I have MJ with the Bulls on MJ: Creating a Legend mode. My question is should I trade Derrick Rose?0Joline2012-08-25 20:29:18
I feel like CJ Watson is capable of being a PG not fight for points with MJ . Rose Should I negotiate for future draft picks or should change to role players ? Thoughts ?
What do you think the Chicago Bulls will try to do to replace Derrick Rose next year?0Firefly2012-07-31 00:30:55
Free Agent, trade or draft?
Durant, Westbrook, Harden getting Max contracts=Ibaka being a goner?2Payge2012-08-10 22:26:02
There is no doubt that harden to be a player in high demand , when it is a limited player and I know my Raptors would not hesitate to offer him a max . If it thunders party would have a maximum of 3 players , in addition to Perkins big contract. Even if the amnesty Perkins no way they would have money left for Ibaka . So in case you change or do you think would be more prudent to keep Ibaka and let go of Harden ?
Why would the Thunder trade Westbrook?0Diantoni2012-07-18 23:51:02
people keep saying get Deron Williams, westbrook, durant, harden, ibaka, PERKINS, they are a family. Westbrook gets criticized but if he was just a passer, his athleticism would go to waste, and his scoring ability. Without westbrook their second best player, and a top 10 player in this league, they wouldnt of made it to the finals. why the hell would they trade him?
Should the thunder trade westbrook?0Olaf2012-08-09 18:28:02
And for whom?
Should OKC Thunder trade Russell Westbrook for...?1N-UNCOUNT 2012-10-11 09:36:02
Deron Williams ? MedlinePlus IMO , this would be a BRILLIANT trade because OKC would give a true PG who can distribute the ball and give it to Brooklyn , a team that honestly not going anywhere in the short term, a star PG that can pair with Brook Lopez and continue build around for the future. For some reason , most predict it will end up in Dallas , but what's in Dallas ? Dirk is aging , his team just swept OKC , and the only way DWill Dallas woud work in the long run is if they acquire Dwight Howard as well, I do not think is very likely. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And for those who say DWill would not want to go to OKC , I see no reason why it would not. I mean, they have a top 3 player in Durant , a very dedicated fan base , and solid players , young role as Harden , Ibaka , Sefolosha , Maynor , and Perkins . Sure, Oklahoma may not be the best tourist destination , but if you are winning rings , who cares .
Should the thunder trade russell westbrook?0Comp.Tech2012-10-26 01:36:02
I know he is a great player , but Rubio may be the next Jason Kidd . So the draft blonde in point 3 and trade westbrook to kings and draft jordon hill in point 5 MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus pg - blond MedlinePlus sg- durant MedlinePlus sf- green MedlinePlus pf- hill MedlinePlus c - krystic MedlinePlus MedlinePlus is a risky move however because Westbrook has already proven himself when Rubio has. It may or may not happen , what is everyone's opinion on this. Or could write Westbrook blond game inside and outside the ball , pg -sg combo . Thabeet will get drafted # 2 so this is the best talent available . Harden is a player option also very efficient, but not at the top level .
Do you think the Thunder should try to trade Russell Westbrook for a true PG like a Nash or Rondo type PG?5Gilberta2012-10-27 08:17:02
To me I think Westbrook single handedly cost his team the championship the OKC should have won game 2, 3, & 4 if it wasnt for Westbrook granted he did go off in game 4 but cost his team at the end he went from averaging 8.3 APG to 5APG this year his PPG has declined over the past 2 years his FG% has dropped and is turnover rate is up. I think they should trade him and get a PG who will actually dish the ball and shoot if he cant find an open player. There were multiple times where KD was sitting wide open and Westbrook just kept driving without stopping. Williams is available or theyy could move harden to the 1. Your opinion would be great. on Westbrooks skills to run the point and his finals performance.
Will OKC trade James Harden?3Vianna2012-10-19 04:34:01
He was 6th man of the year but that's the reg season and nobody cares how well you do in the reg season if you can't win a ring. And it was all on James Harden that OKC lost 3 in a row after they were up 1-0. I'm not even talking about game 5 there was nothing they could do about that Mike Miller just went crazy from the arc but the three games that they lost prior to that, Harden didn't even play at all I think they should look to trade him they could get a lot of value out of him.

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