What is after hour trading? Will my stock open at that price tomorrow? related questions

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What is after hour trading? Will my stock open at that price tomorrow?1Markie2012-08-30 07:36:03
What is the trade after hours ? My publicly traded at that price tomorrow?
If after hour trading goes up, will stock price start the next day at the after hours price or the day B4's?0SaladBowl Head2012-07-22 15:12:02
If after -hours trading goes up, stock prices began the next day at the price of hours later or the day of B4 ?
How to find stock trading price from open, high, low, and close price and volume?1hOrNy deViL 2012-09-16 23:09:03
How to find the price of previous trading stocks open high low and close prices along with the volume? needed for the weekly reading . monthly and yearly high and low price? Which way to trade? pl let me know the method of calculation.
If a stock in after houres trading goes up or down, is it the price that it will open the next trading day.?1Kysha2012-08-14 07:55:03
If an action in houres after trading up or down , is the price that will open the next business day . ?
During a trading day can you buy a stock and an hour later sell the same stock? Is this what day traders do?0Juston2012-11-05 07:06:26
During the trading day can you buy a stock and then an hour later you see that the price has gone up on the stock can you then sell it an hour later? Is this what day traders do sometimes?
What is AFTER HOUR trading in stock market?3〾 尛 Nansheng? 2012-08-20 04:29:02
we will bring order to the after hour? how the orders executed ?
What are the roles of brokers and stock exchanges in after-hour-trading ?1math student2012-07-21 03:43:02
how can the exchange of ownership ,in legal terms , be possible when a stock exchange,where the stock is listed , does not recognise it ? does it happen in india ?
Will the stock market shutdown tomorrow when trading hits a frenzy?1Joseycat2012-10-03 23:35:01
big new highs on Gold are in the air for limit upside move!
Should I invest in AKS steel today? The stock is trading at $13.30. Will it read $14.00 by Tomorrow?0NICK Exemplification Essy2012-07-13 15:18:02
Any other good stocks to invest in?
Why is it that the stock market makes such huge swing in the last hour of trading?0Felipe2012-07-25 20:49:02
I think it is funny business going on.
Since the Stock Act comes up for a vote tomorrow, and stop members of congress from insider trading, why...?2JennyB2017-09-21 01:16:58
Eric Cantor and Boehner is trying to carve and weaken at the last minute ? Tonight we are doing some last minute back door maneuver to weaken the bill. WHY? Should not be for a project like this?
What's the difference between buying to open and selling to open when trading stock options?0Jame2012-10-02 23:45:51
For a call option and a put option .

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