The pipe of Xi'an PE90 how many money related questions

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The pipe of Xi'an PE90 how many money0Jrffrey2012-07-12 11:58:02
The pipe in Xi'an PE90 how many money
Water polyethylene plastic pipe and steel skeleton found pipe connected to electric hot-melt construction technology0dhaeigd2012-07-08 07:17:02
Polyethylene water pipes of plastic and steel skeleton found tube connected to the electrical construction technology hot melt
ductile iron pipe0akiru2012-07-14 22:57:02
who knows what " retention MJ gland " looks like ? anyone can give me a picture of it ? and if someone can give me the standard and the drawing that will be very appreciate that! thanks !
How do I find end caps for pvc pipe?0Cherrel2012-08-02 09:26:57
How I can find caps on the ends of PVC pipe ?
How do I find pipe floats ?0aldren2012-07-15 06:42:02
for steelpipe floatation device to deliver water to a nearby island.
ppr pipe production procee0Ncole2012-07-22 21:42:02
I would like the procee detailed production process PPR .
What's the difference between tube and pipe?0tracy s2012-10-03 17:03:07
I am a foreigner , I work in an international trading company . sell the tube , but some research clients for the tube. so can anyone tell me what the difference between them. Thank you.
Camera lens of Chengdu **** limited company one 800 hind the requirement hits money to make a money in all 6200 even, I return money he says meeting refund did not see money from beginning to end I become aware be duped0Merli2012-07-22 08:30:02
I bought beautiful of Chengdu **** limited company can EF55-250 camera lens one 800 yuan, they say to hit money to deliver goods I was done again directly first, as a result they say a batch after 3 days 4, let my Fu Qi 4 money, ability can trade after, be over regressive 3 they push me 2400 other. I am illuminated did. They say to want to make sure safety of personnel of their deliver goods wants 3000 yuan to make deposit again after. Just can trade after trading immediately refund. I am illuminated did. Cannot trade again after, carry again rose cash pledge to want to fill to just can trade to 5000 cash pledge. I felt to be duped. Around makes money to account of the other side in all in all 6200. For a 800 yuan camera lens. The 2000 sign that did not see camera lens from beginning to end. I stopped to trade instantly. After they say the goods such as the meeting answers storehouse immediately refund. Tomorrow is the time that they go back. I was duped. Request, I am fraught.
PPR pipe DN70 and DN65 of the difference between1Taisha2012-08-12 08:57:03
PPR pipe DN70 and DN65 of the difference between
Pipe-effective - Li Hong [Original]1Eldrida2011-12-15 21:22:38
How do I find pvc corrugated pipe from Malaysia?1Beache2012-05-13 23:34:21
How I can find the corrugated PVC pipe Malaysia?
Motorcycle exhaust pipe was red hot after the scar will become it?1Archibal2012-01-17 20:11:39
Popi becomes not only a red scar on her? How long can disappear ah?

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