How to use Yahoo Fantasy Trader?

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Asked at 2012-07-12 08:59:02
Okay, so I bought 3000 shares supposedly in Barclays ( BARC.L ) to 180.05 ( 05.15.12 ), and since then, the real price of Barclays shares have risen to 190.02 , but not has updated the game , so my portfolio is still showing that I have not won anything in these ... , And the price is still listed as 180.05 , which is strange because a whole trading day of the LSE has passed ....
any ideas?
Answer1Linda SAnswered at 2012-07-16 01:22:02
It really is a right of way (ROW ) everything from the sound of it. If you stopped first, it was his turn and because of him. If stopped first and then it was his fault. If stopped at the same time , then by default the right of way goes to the person on the right - which means it was his turn to go
But that is in CA, and if it is a four way stop . You maybe should have been more careful, because the drivers making a right often do not think of another by right turns . Almost had last week when I had an arrow on the left - green. I saw the guy making his move, so I stopped and honked to let you know . There are intersections near here, where checked "No right on red" for this specific reason , but people still do not abide by it, and even lead some people who observe the law.
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