Confidante, dedicated to the most tired people - men

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Roots that are known to have been dedicated to the most tired man --- a man in the world most needed, and a wife, but also have a woman known to have been. Is your confidant and most importantly, meet the limits. Confined to bed when the fight against pain, holding his hand the tears of the man without fault panic will be your wife. She was afraid of pain, fear of dying, can not wait until you die. She was crying, walking wrapped wrapped around, they try to make up your hard heart. The informant is the cry, she stayed the night, silently staring at you, read your mind, then with his mouth and his heart is saying she knows where it hurts. In front of it, can only surrender, flee, can not escape from reality, no one wants to run away, usually the woman who is speaking, is a listener and confidant. Mourn, because I love you, I cry, because it can understand you must be a confidant of women in the store, which also must have a confidant of the wise men. A man, if there is an unforgettable love life, his wife, but also have a heart to understand your wife, who needs? Understand it, but that does not belong. Enough is enough to give attention, but do not give affection, not to fall in love with him, was a threat that will not be allowed be tempted to fall in love with your passion, this skill is confident. Confident all these very intelligent girl, her heart knows best: a woman wants in a man's life forever, or did his mother, if ever the opportunity to make a confidant. If the wife is the sun, the moon, the lover, then, is a confidant stars. Sun and Moon are tired, the stars are not twinkling distance and willing to bright, but only for long.

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