Can we trade futures contracts on mcx comdex just like trading options on nifty? related questions

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Can we trade futures contracts on mcx comdex just like trading options on nifty?0ωǒ Bu bad ⿺ 2012-07-12 02:26:02
Can somebody explain to me what bonds, futures, options on futures, currency and spot contracts are?0Suzy Kasza2012-08-02 16:44:51
I was thinking of starting to operate in the near future, and just signed up for a commerce site practice to teach me. But I have no idea what exactly the future , etc. are opitions futures . Can someone please explain that to me. Also, which of them are wise to buy ?
Why is the Last Trading Day to trade futures contracts as much as a month before the contract expires?1Carmelita2012-08-22 11:43:02
Why is the last working day for trading futures contracts until a month before the contract expires ?
Options trading--> Can I trade my contracts before the expiration if I'm ahead?3sally j2012-11-01 21:10:02
Hello , I am exploring options right now and have a couple of questions. First is I can close my position in an option that I bought or sold before the end or do I have to stick with it until maturity ? The reason the question is if I'm ahead in my position I like to lock in profits by buying or selling rather than waiting until maturity. Question 2 What is the name of the strategy when it is considered an action or make a move North or South ? I thought I was the butterfly? thanks
What is nifty futures and how to trade in it?0DD2012-10-11 03:40:37
what is nifty futures and how to operate in it's new to the market , please someone help me .
When i buy nifty futures say, Nifty 29 sep 2011 CE 5200. What does it mean?0Sel2012-09-21 12:56:02
I am a beginner in the stock market and want to study on how to read and understand all of these terms in detail before you start trading in the Indian market . Each web site explains how to use technical analysis and stuff , but so far I com through a single website on how to interpret these terms or show such trades futures contracts or options. So all I want to know is how and where to learn these things .
How do futures contracts facilitate trading among strangers?0daysi2012-08-16 04:10:04
How do futures contracts facilitate trade among strangers ?
I want to do trading in nifty futures ,Who will give knowhow or proper training?0Diyamon2012-06-30 08:05:02
I'm looking for a software which gives buy/sell signals for intraday Nifty Futures Trading. Any suggestions?0Bramwell2012-07-07 11:00:06
I am looking for a good software that gives buy / sell signals for intraday trading Nifty Futures . Any suggestions ?
Brokarage and other charges in intraday to trade in Nifty Options ?0porshe2012-08-02 20:02:02
How much R K globle charge for intraday trading in Nifty options. Say I have buy 4lots Nifty 5500PE @172.25 and sold it @ 172. Then what are the total charges in this intraday trading and how much I loose ?
Does the SEC pattern day trader rule apply to trading e-mini futures contracts?0Ab2012-07-23 00:41:02
Either index futures or commodities.
Am I better to trade Options or trade CFDs (Contracts for Differences)? Please help?1Maruetta2012-09-08 23:03:02
I'll be 18 years old before and I'm looking to become an investor as my career. I want to know what the best option in your opinion, would be used as a tool to make my investments , options or CFDs (Contracts for Difference )? What I would recommend would be best?

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