What are the Forex trading times according to US Eastern Time? related questions

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What are the Forex trading times according to US Eastern Time?3Cennie2012-08-17 12:57:02
What are the weekly days and times according to US Eastern time when the Forex trades open and close. I understand that Forex trades are for 5 days a week but what are the days and times when the forex trading starts and ends for 1 week ?
When do Forex markets open, eastern time (New York)?0Aron2012-09-16 09:29:04
What is your schedule , basically ? What markets are different ? I know you can operate all day if trade in Sydney and European markets .. You can still explain a little ? thanks
How many times a day should I make a trade when trading forex?1Boy2012-09-02 03:25:03
I am going to turn 18 tomorrow and I've had a practice account for several months and have been experimenting with it all that time, trying different strategies and techniques and have found a way to keep on making small consistent profits. What I'd like to know is for when the time comes tomorrow to put in real money, what would be a recommended number of times I place a trade every day I trade forex to make small consistent profits? Good answers would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Pease, when is the best times to trade Cad/Jpy, Aud/Jpy, Gbp/Jpy curiency pairs in forex trading?1ganash2012-08-15 12:58:34
Please could you kindly advice me on the best times to trade these curiency pairs ( Cad/Jpy, Aud/Jpy, Gbp/Jpy and Gbp/usd ) in forex trading? Because I have'nt quiet have a better understanding about the characteristics of the pairs and what best time to trade them. By the way, I am based on a GMT+1 time zone. I look forward to your kind response warm regards, Charles Pepple
In intra trading we have the benefit of trading 5 times or 20 times the investment we have .so is it compulsor?1anonymou2012-10-03 00:38:02
In intra trade we have the benefit of 5 times or 20 times the investment have.Then is mandatory that we use the full amount of purchase of shares or in part can be purchased as required , ie without need to use the full amount ? ?
Can I use Forex trading as a full time job?4Marisela Cordova2012-09-11 14:37:03
Anyone working as a full time trader Forex? If so , what is the benchmark to measure ?
How do, the problem reminder that I carry is successful, cent also was buckled, how to wait for a long time to was not passed, it is many times such1count noun2012-02-20 18:42:23
How, the reminder of a problem I've been successful, percent also was locked , waiting for a long time which was not approved , which is often as
How did you react when you lost BIG TIME in forex trading???! ?0Niesha2012-09-26 21:43:02
How did you react when you lost big in the Forex market ? ? ? ! ?
Forex trading online!!! A waste of time and money?1Chris Chance2012-10-14 12:31:02
I've been doing the show Forex trading online and I am amazed at how easy it is to make a profit. My sister, who studied economics argues that it is possible to make a profit as a small Forex trader due to several factors . Is this true ? Or should I go ahead and play around with some savings ?
I've been hearing about forex trading for quite some time now and i'm interested ,how can i get started?1Ashton2012-09-08 08:45:02
what are the steps i need to take to be sure of my eligibility?
Can trading forex online really bring positive returns over time?1dev2012-10-13 14:35:02
With feel iFOREX TraderXP AVAFX and for me the odds seem to be against the investor bet small , win a few bucks , but weaker in the long run
If you started out with $5,000 US on the forex market, was trading full time and did an average job?0Kassandra2012-07-28 03:03:02
What could be an estimation in earnings at the end of the year?

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