Can any one open two demat and two trading account in different DP in india? related questions

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I want to know about doing share trading in india from malaysia. how to open demat account in india from here.0\margie2012-07-04 12:58:07
we stay in malaysia. all the trading sites asking bank account in india. i have a local bank account in malaysia. any sites operating from malaysia?
Can any one open two demat and two trading account in different DP in india?0alaina2012-07-11 18:28:01
Which is the best bank to open demat account for stock exchange trading in india?1soasi piutau2012-09-26 20:04:03
Where I can learn the basics of trading and that the bank is preferable to open Demat account
I want to open DEMAT account for online shares trading.Which bank demat A/c will be best? I think SBI best?>?0AM2012-10-14 10:09:49
What documents should I bring to open Demat account ? Will test adress is the document necessary? ( I am staying at remote location where demat near a facility / c not there.I am going to Hyderabad for some construction and will open a c / well) . So please suggest .
I want to open a demat account & an online trading account? with whom should i open it ?3shar2012-10-21 02:17:01
I want to open a Demat account and online trading account ? Who should I open it ?
I would like to open trading account and demat account?can anyone suggest me which agents are good?0DET 2012-07-18 10:06:05
I would like to open a trading account who will take care of my demat ac,buying and selling of shares?Where i dont need to go online and whose charges are not high and who give good advise on shares?
I have internet banking account with SBI. I want to open a Demat Account for trading. Should I go for ICICI?0Shivangi2012-09-17 14:08:05
Which bank ( SBI or ICICI ) is the best service provider for demat / online trading etc.
How to open demat account and what is trading account? Why the charges is different from one from another?1Lana2012-08-13 03:06:01
Iam interested in investing in shares but every financial advisor is confusing solutions . Iam not interested in trading with stocks, but want to invest in stocks as long-term assets . Please advise me .
I like to open a demat account for trading ..?0ericca porch2012-10-02 12:44:22
Suggest me which is the best among this Icici , canmoney , sharekhan , Indiabulls , Religare , etc indiainfoline
Can i open more than one demat account for trading?0Khotso2012-10-15 17:18:50
? I can open more than one demat account to trade ?
Please tell which demat account to open for online trading?2Queline2012-09-10 16:08:02
Please tell him to open Demat account to trade online?
I want to open a trading + demat account.I want to know with which bank is better for me?0reef2012-10-25 22:24:12
if I open the account with ICICI or SBI or sharekhan ? I also heard that ICICI brokerage commissions are quite high !

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