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[View ] 7 great technical display clothing
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[View] clothing display skills in preparation for the big opening of 7, store design and presentation of the clothes is very important for your future business is directly related to good or bad. We have come to .... a brief introduction, the party of the same color. The clothes the same color, with people feeling very uncomfortable, pay attention not to the same color with the same style, same length as a whole, in order not to feel like a warehouse. 2, contrast and color match. That's great to contrast with the heating, such as: red background with a green coat, left with a garment of yellow and blue, when placed on a pole, we can not let the warm and cool colors represent 50 %, preferably from 3:7 ratio is appropriate, you should pay attention to the welfare of color interspersed. 3, the rational use of the living room. The room called faces the direction of flow of people most likely to see the first zone, and vice versa for the dead. Put your own style in the main hall to push for the other models in the dead zone, which can greatly enhance sales. 4, the number of models to control. Some traders believe that the model is easier to carry out a display of putting a bunch of stores in their own models, but will play the opposite effect, some people feel this brand of "water", the so-called "rare" styles the best to use in the model has the best results. 5, the rational use of "role models." Shopping Guide is a model of live clothing stores, the styles that sell what you use the style, this is a good way to reduce inventory. 6, the time to grab a place. To find out who is the day to buy clothes for women, for example, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the general full-time wife, so you can put some fashion, the higher the price, clothing unique in the living room and wear the model. On Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday, visiting the shops were mostly women who usually work the best way to moderate the price of clothes hanging in the lounge and the model's body. 7, the shop must display a sense of rhythm. Do not be too rigid points of color, the left side of the store is too inconsistent cold is warm, well-being with a sense of rhythm should be. This post has been edited on 01/02/2007 8:49:49 supered
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