Fantasy Football Trade Question. I am trading Moreno and Turner for Andre Johnson and Antonio Bryant.? related questions

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Fantasy Football Trade Question. I am trading Moreno and Turner for Andre Johnson and Antonio Bryant.?0Corneliu2012-07-11 16:53:07
Is this a good trade? My other strating players: Warner, Grant, S Jackson, B Marshall, Percy Harvin, (AJ?) This is assuming that Andre is ok, I know he is slightly injured. They are calling it a bruised lung, which sounds bad, but is actually common after taking a severe hit.
Good fantasy football trade? I'm trading Chris Johnson and Reggie Wayne for AP and Brandon Marshall.?1abhi2012-08-17 21:07:02
Good fantasy football trade?
I have a trade question for my fantasy football team?0tegan leigh2012-10-14 00:23:17
I have my TE Todd Heap . MedlinePlus In the choice of my league are the following: MedlinePlus Marcedes Lewis , JAC MedlinePlus Robert Royal , CLE MedlinePlus Jerramy Stevens , MedlinePlus Kellen Davis , CHI MedlinePlus Dante Rosario , CAR MedlinePlus Tony Scheffer , DEN MedlinePlus Shawn Nelson , BUF Derek Schouman , BUF MedlinePlus Heap Should I stop one of these guys and if so which one or two ?
Real Fantasy Football Trade question?0???knowme???2012-09-22 04:03:02
Should I negotiate for Jamal Lewis Brandon Jacobs . It seems that an operation would be meaningless , but looking long term participation and not share Lewis Jacobs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do u guys think ?
Should I Trade Vincent Jackson, and Marion Barber for LT and Andre Johnson?0kiandre2012-08-16 17:26:02
Jackson is doing well and Andre is doing well. André is a leader in yards and is only 5 points behind Jackson in fantasy. Barber sucks and takes 2 actions backs of others, and LT is having a great year , but LT and becomes more leads then I do this barber .
Fantasy football excessive trading question?6lijan2015-07-29 22:11:11
One of the guys in our league is an excessive trader and he comes off as a real jerk too. He's already done three trades and the fourth trade he did keeps getting vetoed not because its not fair but I think people are tired of putting up with his crap. Do you think its fair?
Is it worth trading Andre Johnson for Willis McGahee?0neenee012012-06-29 18:34:01
I currently have: Hines Ward Mario Manningham Steve Smith (NYG) Jericco Cotchery Smith has been doing pretty well at wr, but i don't know if it will be consistent. Problem is i need to beef up my running backs - i have Clinton Portis and Thomas Jones (both have been pretty disappointing) as well as Le'Ron McClain and Marshawn Lynch.
Has anyone heard the rumor about the Raiders trading Heyward-Bey to the Texans for Andre Johnson?5check answer2012-11-02 20:34:02
Has anyone heard the rumor about the trade of the Raiders Heyward- Bey to the Texans Andre Johnson?
Is this a good trade deal in fantasy? Knowshon Moreno for Johnny Knox.?0Siraj2012-08-13 01:43:02
My back Rashard Mendenhall are running back Brian Westbrook and Steven Jackson. My options are receiving Holmes , Eight, Austin Collie, and Kevin Walter .
Would trading andre johnson and Jonathon stewart for steven jackson be a good deal for me?0Naseeb2012-08-19 17:28:28
see more production considering jackson and johnson looks are down from Slayton and walters are getting their share ..... thanks
I traded Antonio Gates & Dez Bryant?0shayna2012-09-01 09:52:03
For LeSean McCoy and Robert Meachem MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 10 team h2h PPR 6 points per passing TD league yahoo MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - New Poster - QB- Matthew Stafford MedlinePlus RB - LeSean McCoy MedlinePlus RB - MJD MedlinePlus WR - AJ Greene MedlinePlus WR - Mike Wallace MedlinePlus WR Sidney Rice - MedlinePlus Gresham TE- Germane MedlinePlus QB / RB / WR / TE- Andy Dalton MedlinePlus D - 49ers MedlinePlus D - Seahawks MedlinePlus K - N.Rackers MedlinePlus MedlinePlus -bench- MedlinePlus RB - B.J.G.E . ( My previous RB2 ) MedlinePlus QB Sam Bradford - MedlinePlus Robert Meachem WR - MedlinePlus WR - Titus Young MedlinePlus RB - Piere Thomas MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Therefore, nice trade ? Any suggestions lineup change ? And , I must pick Ponder , or Dallas Clark ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus THANX
Fantasy Trade QB for RB (Lynch, Jacobs, Turner)?0anabel2012-11-03 05:11:20
I'm looking to make a trade to aquire a stronger QB on my roster (likely Warner or Rivers). Assuming that the other team is willing to take anyone of my running back options, who should I give up in exhange for a QB. Lynch, Jacobs, or Turner. I guess the other option would be to not trade at all. I currently have Cassel and O'Sullivan on my roster. Thanks

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