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Adequate guidance, please understand feng shui bedroom furniture placed thank you1mustang2012-01-10 20:48:22
The bedroom is a door in the living room door and the door of a north- south almost all the windows in relation to the north , the south is the living room balcony kitchen proper guidance, please do not reject what has been the cause of love is not smooth as a change of address
Help me see to understand feng shui, red bridge Lin Tong Road, Building of modern harvest is good feng shui?1⿴ 亼 said _X Ba 2011-12-29 00:57:47
My house is for the Riverview Room Liujiang not know where the Feng Shui course, the window overlooking the southwest
Bedroom feng shui to put to vote, the master help out (with map)1Pamela2011-12-22 04:50:31
I live in the north bedroom and I would like , how to show my room, or something to the article , which , to my career , love is good ah? Or for me! What should I avoid, what to watch and more!
Please look at Feng Shui Master1freak on a leash 2012-03-23 21:01:36
I have a double room, is structured as follows, please teacher gets advice and see how the decoration , under the direction from left to right south of the northwest to the east , north of the mountains , south of the villas and water. The figure in pink is my room. Thank you. Figure 1 : Figure 2 : addition, the top left of Figure 2 bedroom living room, in fact, is a semi- outdoor terrace , please see if you can master to make the next change , because the bathroom is too small.
Office Feng Shui Guide (on)1_ Curcuma resistance near 2012-03-23 03:08:13
Office Feng Shui Guide (a) 18 February 2006 6:41 Editor: Lu Fei, whether government officials or local leaders, both store owners or managers of large companies, placed leading to the office and office units are essential, the National auspicious location of gray gas field of human value, wisdom has a little help, which affects the rise and fall of career success business, or failure. Fanzhu top leadership, boss, president and general manager table and other decision makers, the general should be based on the life Gua Ji, Kyrgyzstan to the south, will sit in the south, Kyrgyzstan to the east, will sit in the east. Fanzhu middle managers, managers, deputy directors and other people's desk, the general must be based on numerology four columns, namely the lack of wood, the seat should be facing east, the lack of fire south of the headquarters should be. In addition, the office and even the office desk to the must also consider the location of the hydro-geological, landscape, climate, weather conditions is the internal structure of buildings and gas field factors. The ideal position for the desktop. Information placed in the two cases, one is elected offices in the center of the building, a scriptorium in trade agreements of the basement, so that a windowless office, located in the offices of a desktop without windows, main consideration are two relationships, a relationship between the desktop and the door, the second is behind the table after the man and the relationship between objects in the deployment of these two relationships, there are two points to keep in mind, there be careful not to table facing the door, sit on the table to pay attention after two people have the wall, under a class can not have extra empty. Half of the table to avoid facing the door, especially for leaders at work, is less susceptible to interference and noise from outside by his spy, how to avoid the empty reception, mainly to make it sits on the desktop business of doing business for those who are behind the decline in their sense of emptiness and not practical to increase reliability. Desktop placement, the stage should have a relatively large area, according to feng shui is an angry argument area, you can open the minds of people, while the table away from the door and the door is left on the desktop front of the bevel on others to avoid direct peering from the door and outside noise after desk seat is a solid wall, a wall as the wall to avoid giving a solid sense of the mountains, but can also be rely on the desktop. The second case, offices, accommodation options in a window, select the window of the house as a scriptorium in the first place to look out the window of the environment, which requires Pingchuang with a view in the front window of a class can not see the chimney of the uncanny ... [Em19]
What feng shui who knows? There any way to move peach?1Fanny2012-02-03 00:45:38
Do not be too difficult ah. . .
Taboo feng shui kitchen1..!? 2012-02-10 20:47:48
Feng shui kitchen renovation should be noted that what is taboo
Find adequate guidance,, urgent0-----2012-07-04 03:49:02
I'm in the medical industry, the current owner of the items of medical equipment, I would like to contract. Current and the boss is talking about: 1 -, I would like to reserve contract, but now have a proxy price, the minimum retail price, quote, 3 species of the lowest retail price of the boss to give me a contract price. I would like to draw down the designated price, good work. But I do not know me are not cost-effective? 2 - The boss said we should from the lowest retail price of contract over the profits in the count all my expenses, I think, not as staff wages, commission, business public relations costs, rebates, etc. are considered in it (not talking about this, can be fast and talked about), it is not mean I have to assume the full cost? 3 - If I count the cost, is not the headquarters and financial need, my responsibilities, rights and interests, how about it? I have a company the cost of early advance, but later, like taxes, etc. What should I pay? 4 - If I complete the task, how to reward it? Percentage of profits is to do, how many appropriate. Or to reward it? 5 - What are the important issues I would like to pay attention to it? I do not know a lot of short little brother, an expert some help please, much appreciated. If your advice is good, man would like to personally thank you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
How feng shui fish tank ornaments0Banasa2012-09-12 12:52:03
Birthday in 1966 , the main house August 21st Lunar Wood Chaumat wife missing five elements : Lunar on October 12, 1966 Chaumat Women : March 22, 1993 Lunar Rooster children : 1996 Lunar August 3 Shaw bowl placed in a better position than the mouse ( I hope some of you accurately ) the west door , kitchen hand entry east , west hall bathroom began to raise his right hand arowana fish for what you care about how many of what color
Which help me find the house master of feng shui1Mortime2012-01-12 18:34:07
1, the house is in the master bedroom door to door, with a slit at the entrance. I do not know if this treatment will affect the feng shui of the house? 2, the families of the elderly, the elderly live in space for ? 3, help me paint the house Feng Shui luck, then it is better , ha ha. . thanks
What should not be placed in the entrance door, please enlighten me feng shui master1Odelette2012-03-18 05:01:58
If you put a shoe is indoor air pollution, how to deal with this problem I do, kind of question about how to add a potted plant , how it defends the anti- drain
I would like to buy a laptop computer during the National Day, please adequate guidance about, very grateful!1Mag2011-12-26 18:06:49
Want to buy a book during National Day, when the business will be to make offers. Generally, you want to use the computer to do some graphics, such as the PS and the CAD and the like. So mobility is considered in the hope of light. Quote from 6,000 yuan in the hope of an expert can give some advice or pointing out that, very grateful! Regardless of the Shenzhou !

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