Learn the basics of color matching clothes

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Learn the basics of color matching clothes
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Learn the basics of color of the clothes with the color, style, texture, three elements are the dress. Three, the color of visual effects people are the most important factor. As the saying goes, close look at the flowers in the distance, only to be attracted to the color to make it to appreciate the style and work. Color is the essence of clothing, can show a person's temperament and style, can help people to create a perfect image. The colors of the world face, how we dress also has a color of the charm? So to know about the color of clothing to basic common sense. mm may feel that it is hard to be profound, is not the case, I do not take a look at it. Consider the color of common sense. Color can be generally divided into no color and the color of the two series. No color black, mostly white and gray form. A color according to different wavelengths of visible light of the distinction, red, yellow, green, green, blue, purple and other measures. Color has three properties: hue, lightness, purity. 1. How the combination of lightness based clothes to choose the same color hue and brightness of different colors that match can be combined in a sophisticated degree of color, similar to the brightness of the color, brightness, color, brightness, color contrast, under five color brightness Clothing color matching method. The overall effect of bright color, fresh, soft, strong and subtle. For example, a white shirt with beige trousers, white or light yellow shirt with beige culottes, light blue shirt with dark blue suit. By comparing the characteristics of these colors with emphasis on harmony of the whole, especially for professional women, to show stable and mature personality. Single color brightness of different colors to match that should be noted that the accessories are also echoes, such as socks, jewelry, shoes, etc, so the overall effect of the mere body, striking. In addition, pure color and show the style of language and body lines, shorter children Shiyou can be treated. 2. How to tone based on the combination of colors in the clothes you are using a color, you can try using two colors. Note, no matter how the position of the two colors, should not mean and the proportion of the half. Red shirt green pants is certainly not the United States, but without superior knowledge, or special environment, but definitely not look good against the background. In general, the ratio of the two colors of about 2:08 or 3:07 can be.
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