In the cafe with the Thunder, Thunder is only a download resource, is not what network the hands and feet moving? How to solve? related questions

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In the cafe with the Thunder, Thunder is only a download resource, is not what network the hands and feet moving? How to solve?0kaden2012-07-11 06:05:52
No matter what you download is just a resource , so the download is very slow ~ ~ can not help resolve this?
Why I download speed with Web fast thunder very slow, rate is very rapid before. I open it to jump out " WEB fast thunder detects the network cannot join " .1Mongolia2012-05-12 19:52:05
Inquire as to help!
Thunder led the implementation of the system to restart the downloaded file to solve ... ...1Josephine2012-03-08 22:52:53
I use a downloaded archive Thunder extracting executable , then no problem , but fortunately , if I unzip the file to a folder and run the system will reboot automatically when the number of extensions are in general. " EXE" file installation for this bothers me more than all the sub - contributed practical stuck for answers elsewhere to save
The fast thunder that just installs 5.4 what to defend to cannot download a thing?1For2011-12-30 18:37:58
Fast Thunder only 5.4 installed to defend what can not download something?
Why I cannot play a song with fast thunder, but can you download a program however? What reason be?1- / ミ letter ɡ. the equipment 2012-04-12 21:45:01
The problem is the rapid thunder ?
When use fast thunder downloads a thing, if open other program at the same time, download can slow!1yak2012-02-25 01:02:23
When using fast downloads thunder one thing , if the program opened another at the same time , the download may stop ! But if you start the download , do not use another program all the time , the rate is very fast ! CeD2.8 WindowsXPsp2 1G DDR ( authorized edition ) + all patches were used to block the lucky star safety assistant and bodyguard security of 360 for the system was clear, they claim they have the unfortunate and trojan software .
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Thunder is not difficult to use it?151Chapman2017-01-04 22:58:07
Last month, Thunder can only be used in schools is a single-threaded, web Thunder too! Problem in our school or we all like this? Depressed ah, now the next thing is too slow
Who will the OKC Thunder keep after next season?1giggly child2012-10-24 23:25:02
You will choose between James Harden and Serge Ibaka after next season , it will not be able to keep both. So they pick . Harden ( third of his offense ) and Ibaka (90 % of its defense) if they choose and if they trade
Thunder Bay, How has it changed within centuries?1azir2012-09-25 21:22:05
Need some help here, just wondering what changes there has been in Thunder Bay since it was first started, any industrial eveloution or population sizes would be good, also the links thunder bay has with other contries, ie trading and such. Thanks full *'s to the fastest and best answers
Thunder clap is a computer1bubs 2012-01-18 02:36:14
It was a round of applause , you can go to the BIOS , the host still running , start the hard drive is also the voice of the rotation, but with a disk sector repair bad tools , says he can not find the drive I think it was a problem with the line connecting the disk hard, you ask who I can understand this?
Does anyone actually think the Thunder will trade Harden?5Gordon2012-10-01 14:56:02
I think it's impossible. Harden is one of their top players , and is wanted in Oklahoma City, plus it is one of their best offensive players. I would be surprised if Harden gave up just like that.

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