Can NFL teams still be able to make trades during the season AFTER the Oct. 16 trading deadline passes? related questions

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Can NFL teams still be able to make trades during the season AFTER the Oct. 16 trading deadline passes?2SuziQ2012-08-31 08:01:02
To understand my question... I know in Major League Baseball, when their trading deadline passes, teams are still able to make trades but have to go through red tape (example: like clearing waivers or all teams in your division or league must clear the deal too). I was wondering if something similar applies to the NFL in that teams can still trade after October 16, but must go through red tape now in order to pull it off? Or is the trading deadline rule literally rock solid that after it passes, no trades whatsoever?
How can MLB teams make trades after the trading deadline?1fakaapo2012-10-11 14:49:02
Sometime in the last 24 hours, the Rays Scott Kazmir traded to the Angels . However, the trading deadline in baseball was weeks ago. Given that information , how can these teams make this trade?
Did this off-season just make the good teams better and the bad teams worse?0TSN2012-08-19 22:17:27
It seems like this off-season was great for the contestants , but then horrible for junior teams . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Nets gave up their star player for a player of the future . MedlinePlus Raptors lost MedlinePlus Parker and Marion Bulls Ben Gordon loses MedlinePlus etc , etc , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you think this will have a long term effect on the NBA in two years when all these players traded only retreat, and the total weight shifts NBA title run in the hands of these low market teams do not care ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The thoughts and opinions,
Why do NBA teams wait til the deadline day to make a trade happen?0Caity2012-09-21 07:05:02
What else do besides GMs make trades. are simply lazy ?
NBA(Dump trades here) Trades teams can make to become better?1deyela2012-09-06 03:56:02
Dump trades here I'll start Luol Deng and 1st rounder for Harrison Barnes and tyreke Evans Tyreke wants to leave Luol deng is the veteren the kings need
What trades do you think the Phillies will make before the deadline?0roxan2012-10-01 13:47:01
Im a big fan oblivously phillies and need some major changes . Just curious what people think is going to change .
Why are teams trading after the deadline?2Jayme2012-07-24 19:32:02
Just do not understand . I thought I knew a lot of the rules of baseball, but right now I'm confused . The teams have been negotiating after the deadline and I can not understand why. I'm sure everyone knows I 'm just a flippin Retard -O.
When can NBA teams start trading and making deals this off season?0kim wilson2012-07-09 08:31:01
Can start as soon as the season (end ) is over? or they have to have a specific date to start shuffeling lists? I am a fan of dollars, and something has to happen. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.
How can all these trades happen after the trading deadline?0ann faniel2012-11-02 18:51:01
Gee where have I seen this question before?
What all trades do you think will be made in the 2008-2009 season???Any rumors of future trades????1Flora2012-10-09 15:27:01
What do you think all businesses will be in the 2008-2009 season ? ? ? Rumors of future negotiations ? ? ? ?
What are some possible trades for Real Madrid this trading season?1oretha2012-11-04 17:02:02
I know that four and neymar and is almost certain , but I've also heard rumors about tevez , are there other possible transfers ? thanks
What teams do you think these nba players will play for next season?0Amerie2012-08-26 22:25:16
Yao Ming (lots of trade talks ) MedlinePlus Greg Oden ( trailblazors continue on without him , and not even offered a contract extension ) MedlinePlus Chris Paul ( New York ? ) MedlinePlus OJ Mayo (I think his official Rudy Gay and Zach will be the face of the franchise and mayonnaise Memphis has a great talent to be a number one scoring option , but it will not do that in a uniform grizz ) MedlinePlus Andre igudola ( remember a lot of trade rumors about iggy will be on a trade as philly Evan Turner can give more playing time )

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