Decoration "profiteering" come from? Tricky, full disclosure of details of the decoration industry

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Decoration "speculation " is ? Disclosure complicated , full of details of the decoration industry
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Industry home decoration which is defined as owners of the home improvement company and ingenuity party decoration, costly, labor intensive but trouble. And bring home decoration, the more people that this is a "windfall" of decoration companies in the industry on ways to make big profits? Recently, the general manager of Shanghai Wu Dan Jingzhong decorative design to the "Daily Economic News", said the budget for the renovation of a single book in the calculation, the decoration of the margins of the company from 30% to 40 %. A mid-range of projects, decoration companies generally profit of 2 million dollars, and in the renewal process to gain more benefits if the owners off guard, and some decoration company to achieve the maximization of benefits, or behavior "scam." He told the "Daily Economic News", describes the decoration decoration company to achieve several of the most common form of transmission of the disease. One catch: the unit of measure conversion of materials clever conversion of materials of the units of measurement, the interior design firm to make a profit from the most common tricks and hidden. In general, the materials are in accordance with the market price of the bucket the amount of material (a group), as the amount of a unit of measure for sale. The decoration company to produce an appointment to the owners, many of the main materials are per square meter, each meter to offer, such as sheet metal painting, etc, so not entirely clear what that will own and amount of decoration materials , whether used to the number of decoration materials. Compared with the main material, the more moisture Vice materials. Wall treatment in the simplest example, paint sold in the market for the units are calculated according to the barrels, but the decoration company usually in units of square meters by calculating the price of the painting latex, so the conversion process unit extends win. Trap two: on a budget, "murderer" relatively intense competition in the industry due to the reforms, some decoration companies by fitting way to overcome low prices. Part of the renovation firm to do the budget, often deliberately omitted some elements in addition to some form of discount, so make sure that the budget is lower than other companies. However, no decoration materials with the owners made it clear that the use of decorative materials, use the false, it is not environmentally friendly materials when the owners require the use of high quality, decorative materials with environment, decoration company asked to rate increases. Ultimately, it is not worth or owners. Trap three: design fees in the possession of a trap of a good design the designer to spend a great deal of energy, will likely receive a lot of money for design fees. However, Shanghai is now part of the decoration company has taken "orders for top designers, drafters practical" approach. Wu Jingzhong Shanghai has more than 1 million decorating company, while the relatively small number of top designers, part of the decoration company with excellent designers will be the name of orders, the owners received relatively high design costs but the current design and is used in the second rate designers and artists working in design, decoration companies usually only pay a small design fee for the designer. Interior design firm in the process of earning the difference. The four traps: the use of packet loss and loss adjustment package and transfer decoration company also "reasonable" profit-effective. If tile, floor or ceiling decoration companies usually establish certain loss dating relationship. But in fact, very difficult final accounting of the actual loss of the customer, "wasting" the excess material to flow into the pockets of interior design firm. Shuttle service is most commonly used in interior design company as a way to make a profit. Construction personnel are decorated brand owners for the purchase and decoration materials, general theft of material, the use of counterfeit and poor quality, is to cut corners. Law: The details of the contract is the main difficulty of proving Shanghai Industry Alliance Dong Junming firm said there are many hidden due to renovation works such as laying pipelines, etc, so very difficult problems of proof , so that the most difficult to adapt his example. At the same time, as part of the decor is not very clear signature of the contract, based on some conflict mediation to resolve the renovation. Only the decoration company violation of contract, or decoration company cutting corners, etc., the owner can win the case and, therefore, the detailed decoration decorating company signing the contract is to ensure that the interests of owners of the premise and guarantee against.
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