Did not tax treasure account, register directly pay treasure the account, can you shop? related questions

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Did not tax treasure account, register directly pay treasure the account, can you shop?2Gu2015-07-03 01:06:55
Do not have the treasure of taxes, registration paid directly to the treasury account , you can go shopping?
I first deal with the other party to pay the other party require payment will treasure directly credited into account fraud1Gar2012-05-26 03:01:30
The first time I deal with the seller, and the other for that use Alipay to buy a direct payment or bank payment credited to account, and put it before you buy over 50 to participate in normal transactions with Alipay, it will not against fraud
I should buy chemical product, does manufacturer have the Wu that send tax to register picture and register a picture reliable? Can give him to hit money to trade toward company account directly1Jessie2012-04-22 19:28:10
I have to buy chemicals maker are not tax Wu sent to take pictures and record a reliable ? Could you give money to hit the trade to the company account directly
Not bound to pay the other treasure, only the Enterprise Edition, to find I can trust you Alipay account?1Canti2012-03-27 01:33:15
It is not required to pay the other treasure , only the Enterprise Edition , to find that you can trust Alipay account ?
What in the net that clean out treasure I use is the money that the bank on the net pays, trashy pay treasure, safe1Elizabeth2012-03-14 03:21:55
Clean the treasury to pay to request that I have my answer to appear to deliver goods one morning with the bank on the net yesterday afternoon reputably pretty good that shop can fool me ah should be beaten with the bank's money network to give no money
Why to have the businessman that pays treasure, they do not support with pay treasure to trade, want to hit an ability to deliver goods first, such safety1proud. Juewen â¿´ -2012-01-28 02:35:03
I am about to buy a camera , a search of the employer who pays the treasury, but are not compatible with the payment of treasury to trade, want to hit the ability to deliver the goods in the first place , you can trust them, security
I bought 1000 yuan thing, sell the home to did not pay treasure, ask I pay directly, such safety?1Dats丹其这是救世主的男士;世界领袖英雄豪æ2012-04-14 18:26:09
I bought 1,000 yuan , sell the house for not paying the treasure , have to pay directly , such as security ?
Can I what excuse me inn-keeper says he did not pay treasure to let me make money to appearance of the move on his card directly believe him? ?1ramin_1637 2012-01-18 17:18:43
I can excuse what I did not pay the innkeeper says the treasure to let me make the money to the appearance of movement in your card directly to believe ? ?
The set up shop that clean out treasure 34 ask1Myra2012-03-08 23:28:23
Jian Zhang opened a bank card set to join the member clean out the treasury and pay the treasure, but test and verify that there are real name , not full of 18, which is good to have another way to forgiveness test and verify that no actual named credit card only handles the building , did not open the bank in the network, how its online debut forgiveness waiting for an answer
Is on the net that clean out treasure set up shop used draw out money?0Lan2012-07-20 06:21:02
It is in the network that cleans out the treasure was installed using make money ?
The replenish onr's stock in A sells the home not to support pay treasure, call me to collect money directly, although there is chatting record in A, he assures quality goods, and be willing to return money, can you believe?0kaytlyn2012-07-15 20:34:02
I find an inn to want in A wholesale, but sell the home not to support pay treasure to pay, call me direct remittance past. Such my risks are bigger, but the chatting record that there are I and boss in A, he assures quality goods, and be willing to return money, I want to ask, is the chatting record in A reliable? Resemble such circumstance, if I am encountered really is cheater, can you still accuse him? Dress of flourishing of flourishing of “ Guangzhou gold is wholesale company ” is this inn. If you help my fish,this is domestic cheater company, cancel his shop in A instantly please. Thank ~
Is cleaning out a yuan of shop of treasure net jade article to pat jade to you can believe true?3Hermosa2016-06-06 20:30:46
It is the cleaning of a yuan of treasury item shop network to caress jade jade you can believe it?

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