What need to make porcelain dolls?

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What do you need to make porcelain dolls ?
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Making porcelain dolls at home with a little skill and some supplies . The materials required depend on the level of complexity and detail desired. Seek to make a doll in a store such as supplies online or visit eloradollhouse.com local craft store . porcelain Porcelain doll heads and hands are available in thousands of different styles. They are available in white or painted features . Find an online retailer , or a hobby shop. hair China doll hair is done in all different styles colors and textures. It can be purchased separately, or are attached to the doll's head . Find doll hair at any craft store. body Bodies are made porcelain doll stuffed fabric , sewn . Any type of fabric or padding can be used to make the doll , such as satin , velvet , cotton , polyester or lace. painting Chinese painting is used to design the doll 's facial features . The paint is often sold in groups, including colors for lips , eyes , eyebrows and cheeks. oven Hot ovens are ovens used for firing porcelain. They are available for home use and study. If you are making porcelain dolls for profit , an oven is a good investment.
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