Im thinking of trading tony gonzalez for desean jackson? related questions

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Im thinking of trading tony gonzalez for desean jackson?3Juwairiyah2012-10-23 18:10:02
what do you think?
I'm thinking about trading DeSean Jackson for Steve Smith (NYG). Is this wise?0. I m hurt him! continued 2012-08-19 11:13:01
I have Eli Manning , quarterback and already have Manningham . I think Smith would be a good addition to that. This does not mean that they always start together as I have Greg Jennings and has some good fights to come. I wish I could give someone cheaper but is fairly firm in wanting Jackson . I know that Jackson still put numbers despite the quarterback situation , but I can not overlook the fact that Manning has been lighting up these two all day through the first two weeks .
I have stephen Jackson im thinking of trading him for farve?1james to henry2012-07-30 20:33:02
We have a points league not head to head. im afraid they will start sitting farve because of there record. Should i trade for farve.... its a 17 week league, Thanks
Trading Plaxico Burress Aaron Rodgers LeGarrette Blount for Matt Schaub Adrian Peterson DeSean JacksonThoughts?3Lojyn2012-10-27 03:43:07
Plaxico Burress trade Aaron Rodgers Matt Schaub LeGarrette Blount JacksonThoughts DeSean Adrian Peterson ?
With rumors that Tony Parker is on the trading block, who should the Spurs get for him?2Nelson2012-10-05 08:15:02
With rumors that Tony Parker is on the trading block , the Spurs should get for him ?
Should Tony Blair be prosecuted for insider trading given the discovery of his dealings with Iraqi oil?1Federico2012-08-25 21:43:18
Still thinking of a name for my store. i am thinking trading post village post?1matt ferrisi2012-08-09 06:27:03
I'm still in limbo had not occurred to me yet. What about village post or outpost south. What do you think ?
What do you think of trading Cam Newton for Fred Jackson?0jackie rios2012-07-20 13:39:01
I have Matthew Stafford and Ryan Fitzpatrick and like my quarterbacks and would like some RB depth . I know there are more law firms out there, but I think Fred Jackson is underrated and gets almost all the work for a crime bills that has been very good so far. Besides, I am the beginning of the operation.
How bad of a decision was it for the Vikings to give up on trading for Vincent Jackson?0What?!2012-07-08 03:22:01
They gave up a third-round pick for Randy Moss and now they're letting it go. They should have done a better job to trade Vincent Jackson earlier this season .
Not familiar with the language of their own thinking will be slower thinking it?1tomcat2012-03-05 22:29:46
Not familiar with the language of their own thinking will be slower than thought?
How much is a collectors pack of Topps Michael Jackson Trading Cards?0swendy2012-08-31 07:04:02
I have 28 classic Michael Jackson Topps trading cards , original newspaper when MJ burned his head , a puzzle of Michael Jackson , two original large promotional buttons , and a book called The Michael Jackson story ALL George Nelson since the early 80s ( Original ) . Can anyone tell me if any of this is worth money ? and how much do you think it's worth today? Thank you. not looking to sell just curious to know what I have.
I am looking at trading Peyton Hillis and Philadelphia D for Steven Jackson and Pittsburg D. Should I do it?3Burnel2012-08-15 04:44:02
I have Jamaal Charles, Welker, Braylon Edwards , Marshall, Rodgers, Stack , Hartley, KC and D from this week.

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