What should pay attention to driving school election

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What should pay attention to driving school election
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I chose the Union Police Driving (Dalian ) , I selected the driving school not because he had no contact with the police, in fact, an aunt of recruitment told me , this school is very formal, mutual supervision and training , students are not bribes are allowed smoking , even one with one exception, the fact is that I have to have coaches from smoking can say it is not , and if found, will be expelled from school , must resolutely . How can the coach is good for you or a hard lightest point then? In fact , we all know , teachers produce outstanding students stringent Well, we do not, after all, Einstein , the brains from around the world is not ready, he will. Coach strong that sometimes, inevitably , some of which are capable of understanding things. The coach said , you do not have 300 % certainty , the coach will not let you apply , which means that up to teach, Lianshu above. Regarding the review of traffic laws , what we do here in Dalian is very strict , the team randomly selected questions from the 1000 100 questions , 90 minutes of step, would not have to pay ( 90RMB ). In addition , bus service every day , traffic is very convenient. Make friends. This is not allowed to AH of accommodation, in fact, difficult questions. Studies of general cargo division is 3246 yuan RMB, is a school of small 2446RMB goods , the car of the school is 3596. This is all charges in Dalian (the November 14, 2004 ).
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