Fleer Baseball logo stickers and trading cards 8914-A 1989 Set? related questions

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Fleer Baseball logo stickers and trading cards 8914-A 1989 Set?0Alina2012-07-09 15:35:02
I have a face without opening Baseball logo stickers and trading cards box . the serial number on the button is 8614 -A and it is a set of 1989. the factory seal is not broken thus , the cards are perfect conditions. I wonder two things. 1 . What cards and the interior of the box. 2 . What is this all worth it? Thank you very much .
How do you remove stickers from the backs of trading cards without damaging the cards?1 조동사 2012-11-03 16:28:03
I was sticker prices for the back of business cards for years for a garage sale (stupid I know). Now I want to try to sell , but I doubt you can with the stickers on .
What brand of Football trading cards are the best, Upper Deck, Fleer, or Topps?0hally2012-07-19 22:37:02
What brand of football cards are the best, Upper Deck , grimace, or Topps ?
What sort of value would a complete set of series 1 1989 wwf superstars of wrestling trading cards have today?0Cookie2012-07-02 14:12:01
The non - mint, but in good condition .
How many Fleer basketball cards were made in 1986?1'Early spring cover 2012-03-15 01:40:05
How many Fleer basketball cards made ​​in 1986?
What websites can I use to look up my old baseball and trading cards?0aammmyyy2012-08-17 15:36:02
I have no strobe Tuff Stuff that is within the past 5 years. ¿ I can get free online prices ?
How much to sell baseball trading cards?0kenia2012-10-06 04:08:45
My father died and left me all his stuff . When I was going through it I have found over 1500 baseball cards from 1987-1990 . I was hoping to sell them to put my daughters college fund . But I have no idea how to sell them . Please help . Brands are also Topps and Fleer . thanks
What does PSA mean when dealing with baseball trading cards?1Haanah2012-07-28 22:00:58
Also , can anyone recommend a good site to find out the value or baseball cards and football . ? I recently purchased a lot .
Hey, with all that's going on with pro-baseball, what are the most valuable trading cards out there?0thandekile2012-07-10 15:44:02
I'm wondering if there are any specific baseball cards out here that are worth big bucks...I'm just saying...
Are these baseball/hockey trading cards worth anything?0Luvuko2012-10-16 20:03:12
The cards are MedlinePlus Wayne Gretzky carrer bronze card # 1 Todd Helton 2008 card No. 626 sliver MedlinePlus Martin Brodeur game season card chip dated 1998 No. 118 MedlinePlus CC Sabathia SP Authentic card 2007 baseball season # 44 MedlinePlus Brian Goodwin McCan 2009 Champion editing badges
How do I sell baseball trading cards on ebay?2VIDYA2012-09-27 13:22:03
I have a box of 20 year old baseball trading cards that I want to sell. I'm not sure about their value but I have cards like Barry Bonds and Mark Mcgwire.(from the late 1980's) what could they be worth and how do I sell them on ebay? Is there a better place to sell them than Ebay?
I have football and baseball trading cards and would like to know how to find their value. Help please?0MIKE.2012-07-22 08:14:02
I have cards like Roger Craig "1000 Yard Club" and Robert Moses "Mose" Grove "Triple Crown Winner" looks like card is dated 1992 under the Sporting News Publishing Company. Looking for suggestions for a good online appraisal site.

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