Question 4 on the restart

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Why restart the computer at all times?
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Forget it. If the start button on the machine or the reset button to restart to avoid falling into the trap? In both hardware and software failures, and must do: look at what your time machine to restart, bios if you have not seen the possibility of automatic hardware test is relatively large, such as over after a self bios, could start when system boot problem. Software failure (system failure) in: Desktop Right --------- property values ​​- there should be no more than to restart automatically when the system option, remove the check mark her. Another rule out the possibility of a virus: If we could get into the system to use the latest version of antivirus software antivirus antivirus (virus when disconnected from the network). Top, said the virus is more likely to shock waves to the Internet to see how to deal with that. 2: You can not enter the system to repair the system with the system CD, and then anti-virus, 3: If the repair system does not work to reinstall the system, to determine a good system CD. (Take the C drive of the whole cell, as no other disk is also important for the most of a box). If the cells do not reload after using the disk virus. If still restart, it needs to have a hardware problem, there are three general hardware failure, motherboard, hard drive, chassis. This ruled out a button chassis failure: reset button unplug the power connection, if the reset button is troubleshooting the problem, if you have not ruled out the button and the reset button cable motherboard put the button power and connections from the motherboard socket, and the reset button to start troubleshooting is the start button, if they still exist, conditional on the table to find a good machine with buttons proof chassis. If you have not used the tool to check the hard drive test (preferably a master operation) Take a good hard drive in the machine quickly to try to correct the problem is the hard drive failure is yet to rule out the hard drive. If the chassis, hard drive failures not, must be a motherboard problem. BIOS settings also can also lead to not restart. (Like a CPU, graphics card at least)
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