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soap dispenser1Awesome12012-08-20 18:12:01
I'm Michael from Hanview Amenities Manufacturing(Guangzhou) Ltd. We're professional hotel amenities manufacturer in China with 28 years. Recently, we have researched the latest and patent Easy Pump dispenser to meet new requirement in the market. However, our soap dispenser is non-refillable and non-drip which is our design to avoid acorss bacteria contamination. So it's very Hygeian. But many buyer don't like this model, and they want to find refillable soap dispenser. I have a question. How to promote our product? And How to make their eye concentrate on our product?
auto soap dispenser2Nelso2012-05-30 02:24:51
How I can find the importer automatic soap dispenser in the European market
What the United States use of refrigerant dispenser0BethAnne2012-10-02 03:23:02
I bought some beautiful drinkers do not know what the coolant is a fluorine atom ! I would like to use the United States under which refrigerant ! As an effect !
Patio card type without heat lamps speed hot water dispenser YR-16, B80YLR1.O-16BD80YL How much is one?1Meroy2012-03-17 05:19:17
Patio type speed card heartless hot water dispenser RY- 16B80YLR1 - 16BD80YLR2 - 16BY80YAO the amount of a
Teeth, Soap and the Natural way?0Minerva Wisdom2012-11-03 23:57:09
Hi Everyone Thank you for reading this and hopefully offering your knowledge to me. Hopefully my question will educate you too. My Question: Lately ( the last couple years of my young life), i have been interested in almost everything natural. Before i go on I'd like to clarify that i am not a hippy, i prefer to look at things with a more scientific mind, though even that concept has some negative associations., purhaps Concious or Knowledge based mind is a better discription? (though i am also appriciative of spirituality - i believe all parts of us (mind, body, spirit, soul, some other part i'm not aware of) are equal and diserve equal attention. Okay to continue the question, In my search for natural ways to take care of my body i stumbled across this: This woman is amazing and I'm very intrigued by what she has offered, in fact i want to attempt this and record my result. The only problem is: i have been to every single local natural/health/chemist store and have found only 3 viable soap options. none of which are 100% oil. here are the options: 1) Grahams Natural Soap(with Mankua Honey) Ingredients: Saponified Palm Oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Purified Water, Manuka Honey and Neem Leaf. (No fragrance or colour) and... 2)Pure&greens organics Unscented certified organic sensitivity moisture bar. Ingredients: Saponified Australian Olive Oil(sodium olivate), Saponified Fair trade Coconut Oil sodium cocoate), Shea Nut Butter. (certified organic) 3) the third bar, i didn't buy and can not remember the name off. It is sold in a health store and clams to be a pure olive oil soap bar but upon inspection contained sodium chloride and water. The sodium chloride (salt) i am wary of because i don't know what it will do to my teeth and i also only consume sea salt and not iodized salt. The water, you may be surprised is also a concern. It does not say where the water is from and therefore i don't know what is in it. i am strongly against fluoridated/chlorinated water. So finally and without further adue. Do you know which of these is better? or do you know where i can get something better (in Australia). Thank you for your help, patients and hopefully open minds. Kind Regards Sarah
Lovely paper soap0rohan2012-11-02 02:06:47
Lovely paper produced soap I have all kinds of promotional gifts, low price and good effect, with patented products, novelty gifts and other interested, please contact me. Tel :0371 -66036682 Contact: Ji Yuanyuan email: a12345y @ 126.comhttp: / / / [em19] colored petals round box. jpg (0 Bytes) downloads :02006-12-7 16:39
How to make soap candles?3Wanda2015-10-30 23:58:04
How to make candles of soap?
How do I find mini soap box?2Mage2012-05-02 22:37:05
How I can find mini soap box ?
Tab Facial Clarifying Detox Soap1Moira2012-04-05 07:16:59
Where I can buy this soap in large quantities?
How do I find dead sea mineral soap?1Ducky 2012-01-07 01:20:11
How I can find the soap dead sea minerals ?
where can i sell soap stone powdeer?1say,,, 2011-12-15 17:28:13
How do I find plan soap base from Pakistan?1Jona2012-03-02 19:54:11
I want to buy soap base.It plan , usually come in blocks (black and transparent). Sold by kilograms.I am looking for in Pakistan.

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