What can you use to clean rhinestone jewelry?

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What can you use to clean rhinestone jewelry ?
Answer1PratigyaAnswered at 2012-07-23 16:14:02
1. Rule number one: Never, never, oh, dip your jewelry rhinestone in any liquid. The ruins of the thin film of water covering the back of the stone, sometimes almost immediately to the largest rhinestone, and, finally, even the new stones will be darkened, and the development of the black borders. A very sweet look in jewelry old truth, but otherwise - yuck! It's no fun to try and replace rhinestones. Some argue that water does not ruin foil, but admit that if the blade is already degraded, the water will ruin. Film does not degrade, but why speed up the process? 2. One way to keep rhinestones shining in between cleanings is to simply spray a bit of soft or window cleaner on a paper towel to stop barely. And then just polish the piece of jewelery shortly. This will really bring out the sparkle. 3. Always use spray-on products such as hairspray or cologne before putting on jewelry. These products cause gum damage from the beauties glitering to the elimination of Aurora Borealis coating. 4. 409 is unpredictable. If you are going to do a test on 409 for Bakelite jewelry rhinestone, very careful that the 409 makes contact with rhinestones. 5. Keep your jewelry rhinestone in a jeweler, or some other place away from dust, damage stones, plates, and gets into corners and crevices making it difficult to clean. 6. If you care for your costume jewelry properly by taking the above steps will not have to forget to clean the jewelry, maybe not ever, never. 7. But if and when necessary for cleaning jewelry, I found the following simple procedure to be the best: a. Fill a large bowl with cold or warm. Add 1-2 drops of clear dishwashing detergent (not dishwasher), such as Dawn, Palmolive, or even the generic brand if it is clear. After adding 1-2 drops, stir the water a bit. It should be bubbly. b. Dampen a soft brush, like an old soft toothbrush or baby brush, then shake until dry and a bit of what is wet, because you do not want the jewelry to get wet. Gently brush the jewelry, focusing on the corners where dust collects. Beware of old finishes and plates. When finished, dry. There is no need to rinse, of course. You can use a Q-tip to push and hard to come clean in the areas. Do not force anything into the open, some jewelry is delicate and very easy to bend a tooth or part of an assembly, even with a Q-tip. 8. Enjoy your jewelry clean and shining bright! these are the ones I find in the itnerenet, hope it is useful to you. -------------------------------------------- www.apith.cn
Answer2LampAnswered at 2012-09-22 09:46:04
Most jewelry cleaners will do the trick and the best place to buy is at any department store in the jewelry department . I just bought a sonic jewelry cleaner as I have special stones in some rings and works great and nothing dirty or smelly . More punch and prong set stones can be safely cleaned with a soft toothbrush moistened (not saturated) with alcohol ( no, not alcohol, the type of friction ) , which dries very quickly . The exception would faux pearls and aurora borealis stones , which may have their a / b striped finish by the bristles of the toothbrush . For that I recommend cleaning wipes lenses used in eyeglasses because they scratch the finish . Unfoiled Stones back in open environments can get a buildup of dust and dirt on the bottom that can be difficult ( or impossible ) to reach with a toothbrush or a Q -tip . For these I recommend using pressurized steam (I use a vaporizer Eureka Enviro ) . After cleaning of any form that uses a liquid of any kind , dry and then follow with a hair dryer at a low temperature to ensure that all the moisture is gone . Moisture is the enemy of costume jewelry .
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