What would happen to the dollar if tomorrow trading oil wouldnt be dollar exclusive anymore? related questions

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What would happen to the dollar if tomorrow trading oil wouldnt be dollar exclusive anymore?0Tasia2012-07-09 04:41:02
US Dollar Index - Against Which Day Trading Forex Currencies Has The US Dollar Rallied?1Dawb2022-08-08 01:45:42
Would would happen to the US economy if the dollar stopped being the world's reserve currency overnight?0tushar2012-10-26 08:37:14
The shelves of Wal - Mart goes empty during the night? DJA dropping 50 %? Mass Panic ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bretton_Woo
Canadian dollar trading above 98 cents US. Will the Canadian dollar be worth more than the US greenback?2Carina2012-10-01 00:21:01
Sure feels good to be Canadian.
Dollar volume of stock compared to dollar volume of bonds traded.?0Mil2012-09-17 14:45:03
" If you can calculate the dollar volume of shares traded on any stock exchange for any " average " day and compare this amount with the dollar volume of bonds traded on any " average "day , which of the following is true : a. the market is much larger than the bond market , b . the stock market is important for the bond market , b.both markets are about the same size , c . bond market is more larger than the stock market , d . bond market is very , very, very, much larger than the stock market .
What's the value of a 1977 5 dollar bill, and a 1985 20 dollar bill?1abby a.2012-09-10 03:50:02
One day when I was working on the record at work I found a 1985 20 dollar bill . I've seen a few bills and older maybe , but I know now and days are pretty rare ... so I asked my boss if I can change my own 20 to 20 and I did ... . A few weeks later I found a 1977 5 dollar bill at work and traded on that one for another 5 .... a girl from my work teases me , but I'm pretty sure years from now , if I go with them , will be worth more than the face value MedlinePlus MedlinePlus both are in pretty good condition considering how old they are ... no breaks or tears or ... but you can still tell its gradient. How much it is worth every moment ... and in the future ?
Why is the US Dollar trading at such a low value?1Jason2012-10-13 16:38:01
Why is the U.S. dollar trade to a value so low?
What if the world stopped trading with the dollar?4helpp!2012-09-05 04:23:03
What if the world stopped to operate with the dollar?
Can i start forex trading with 50 dollar.?2stork2012-10-02 22:43:02
I jus want to ask so I can start forex tradin with 50 dollar.easyabeeb @ yahoo.com.
What will we do if the Europeans stop trading with the US dollar?2Blade2012-11-05 08:53:01
Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU's 'Mr Euro', has given the clearest warning to date that the world authorities may take action to halt the collapse of the dollar and undercut commodity speculation by hedge funds. Momentum traders have blithely ignored last week's accord by the G7 powers, which described "sharp fluctuations in major currencies" as a threat to economic and financial stability. The euro has surged to fresh records this week, touching $1.5982 against the dollar and
If the value of US dollar is low, how does this effect international trading?0Dempse2012-09-03 15:15:02
when other countries trade with us , they buy more or less? MedlinePlus if we buy from other countries , we get less?
Dollar trading at fresh lows against euro?1R S Telagathoty Edlapadu2012-08-22 23:50:02
What does this statement? My dollars can buy a Hershey bar , but only half of a Nestlé chocolate bar ? Please explain , (so simple) , which means " a falling dollar to new lows against the euro." I have the statement outside the BBC news channel .

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