Golden hill poison bully 2005 discovery virus and virus file was deleted, how does ceaseless still clew do? How to consult me to exterminate virus thoroughly? related questions

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Golden hill poison bully 2005 discovery virus and virus file was deleted, how does ceaseless still clew do? How to consult me to exterminate virus thoroughly?1N-VAR-COLL 2012-07-11 01:28:46
I am bird plate! ! ! !
Trojans can not kill the virus, detected by Kaspersky, only with the Ewido trojan virus, what virus is not C drive?1Silverwing 2011-12-18 23:01:57
The Trojans can not kill the virus , detected by Kaspersky, just with Ewido trojan virus , what type of virus is not drive C?
Virus in my machine, the virus name: Downloader, File: C: WINDOWS system32 MsServices MsService.dll1jenika2012-07-17 09:11:02
Check -in online for a long time there is no way possible , who can help me? Anyway , the announcement of team jumped from time to time , so the dialog box, to be true! SOS ! !
Downloader virus affects Exe file ceaselessly, how be clear about this virus thoroughly?1Gilberta2012-06-18 06:12:19
Turn on today's mobile phone in a short time , Norton has to catch the virus exe Downloader compared to the track, be clear about the failure , segregation is a success. After that Norton plays a clew is to draw a frame around constantly , be affected whenever the Downloader virus executable file is different ( C d e f plate exe is infected), be clear that also maintains a failed entirely successful . The lucky star that reduce toxin use (the library most recently on September 14 of the virus) , reduce toxins , while Norton plays a similar clew draw a frame around constantly even , that the world hard disk is almost all EXE files are kept separate by infection. Separate file can not be restored , still sick poison point , how this? This fall , either on my computer so that you can use? ? ? What the Downloader virus this is, after all? Why so fierce ? ? Want what can only be clear about this virus completely , restore the exe file of pollution ?
Who can help me with weird characters on the plug-ah I is not a lack of anti-virus no virus what documents ah?1. begging for ⒏ 2012-10-14 11:30:04
Do not blame the characters in the virus, but could not miss the virus files ? Help me I am deeply grateful that I can uninstall the plug- in installed, or is the shirt of the following is the problem? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The Good Samaritan to help
When the computer boots just to show the desktop to restart again, repeated several times, is how is it? (Online anti-virus found the virus.) Ask how to do?1u-can-take-the-boy-out-tha-hood-but-not- 2012-01-28 01:48:17
My antivirus has expired, all antivirus free online Saturday ,
Is Not-A-Virus.Monitor.Win32.Hooker.e.22740 virus? ?1Wei Yang 尐 ゛ ___ 2012-06-14 01:49:23
What kills a person to be verified with the specific program Trojan is as follows : systematic incident : The Trojan discovered in the memory! The name of Troy : not- a- Virus.Monitor.Win32.Hooker.e.22740 Trojan process : Trojan Lhotkey.exe is kept separate from the memory from inside a success! The Trojan is kept separate from success on the hard drive ! C: Windows lhotkey.exe starts scanning the memory module. . . Finishes 337 Module exploration of memory module and memory scan , found no Trojan. Start making general analysis: . . . Systematics of the facts : they have already found a Trojan ! The name of Troy : not- a- Virus.Monitor.Win32.Hooker.e.22740 method Trojan: C: System Volume Information _restore { F3E41B89 - 0B5F - BE79 - 4CAA - B310608D5707 } RP1 A0000007.exe handles way: Remove a success to discover the date: September 11, 2006
Computer is running slower and slower, was poisoned it? However, no virus ah my machine. I mentioned that day .. virus database update1Charlotte2012-05-10 03:17:20
Column of a task opens in stroke of computer desk noodle, why can have you opened task column at the same time? Be medium virus? Be medium what virus?1대답2012-06-16 21:39:24
Column of a task opens in the coup of noodles computer desk , why you may have to open the column -tasking ? Be the virus medium term? Be half of what kind of virus?
Telling you that the scan detects a dangerous object, "object can not be anti-virus, anti-virus has been postponed," What does that mean?1love her2012-01-05 23:55:00
I was the first time with carbazole that, ah, that led to the scan detects a dangerous object , what does that mean? It's how you deal with this dangerous object ? "Objects can not be anti -virus , anti -virus has been postponed , " What does that mean? To get a Thank you ^ _ ^
Consult ace: I am used after GHOST is reductive, reoccupy trojan kills a passenger, in C:The fish below Windows 4 trojans. Reductive before answer a virus to also be done not have1N-TITLE 2012-02-16 01:37:16
See as: I'm used after GHOST is reductive reoccupy Trojan kills a passenger in C: Windows The fish below 4 Trojans. Reducing before responding to a virus that can also be done , no
My hard disk cannot be opened show above ~ broadcast automatically! Click right key to choose to open ability to be able to open disk ~ to consult ace this is virus! ! !1Norbert2012-01-29 04:55:11
My hard disk can not be opened over broadcast automatically show ~! Right click to choose to open the ability to open the disk ~ as to refer to this is the virus! ! !

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