Shenzhen 1. 3L one of the top three cars

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Lifan 520 1.3L Shenzhen ranked the top three high-power large torque, low fuel consumption of the three major advantages to attract people in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Lifan 520 1.3L ranked the top three, according to data on the card in Shenzhen in December 2006, all own-brand car sales are very hot, the masters of their models have become the main vehicle segments. It is particularly worth mentioning is that just last October in Shenzhen-listed 1.3L Lifan 520, surpassed many strong competitors, with 95 sales of cars head into Shenzhen 1.3L displacement of the top three ranks of the list, it is impressive . Last October, 1.3L Lifan 520 carrying the National Rally Championship, the War, announced the official market. Lifan 520 1.3L 1.6L Lifan 520 sedan continues the shape of the compact four-door sedan, in the same displacement models, will undoubtedly become stable and the atmosphere. Dynamic, independent research by Lifan engine-LF479Q1. Maximum output power of 65/6000kw/rpm, at the same price used economy car engine, is the largest engine power output, highlighting its power with plenty of advantages. Reached its maximum torque 110/3500-4500 (unit: Nm / rpm), the minimum fuel consumption rate of less than 270 (unit: g / kw). Torque, power, fuel consumption is less advantage of this engine. In the September 22, 2006 -24 held Kaiyang National Rally Championship race among the world driving champion who has not yet listed on the text of Lifan 520 1.3L successful completion of all the race car game. As the highest level, the largest and most influential automotive events, the National Rally Championship is known for its arduous. Lifan 520 1.3L successful in this game has withstood the rigorous test. 20060127090015953.jpg (0 Bytes) downloads :02007-1-15 15:19 Favorites -> Add Share Rating -> Doherty _ TOPaimgcount [318086] = [27099]; attachimgshow (318086); / / ArrayTmUsr [ 1] = "quzhongrenxiao"; / / Array3Days [1] = "2"; users [1] = "quzhongrenxiao"; quzhongrenxiaoquzhongrenxiao Send PM Add to friends quzhongrenxiao (quzhongrenxiao) is offline UID321997 49 Digest Posts 0 Credits 147 Posts experience 98 Prestige 0 Reading Access 0 copper Gender Male 20 0 hours up time online last login 2007-8-24 2007-1-6 diligence Digest Posts 0 Credits 147 Posts 49 experience 98 Prestige 0 Reading Access Copper 0 20 2 # released at 2007-1-15 15:32 | look at the top of the ~ ~ ~

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