Why do I transfer the music on the computer not see my Bluetooth phone? related questions

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Why do I transfer the music on the computer not see my Bluetooth phone?1Can not copy individual ▃ ▁ 2012-01-09 01:23:05
I have to load the Bluetooth software on your computer, and transfer of a song, you can not hear the phone is not the music format , or for other reasons , please exhibitions. I can buy music software is expected to pass , and unfortunately now they have access and are family friends , please tell me what settings should be. thanks
3230 mobile phone and computer using Bluetooth to download how1Quenna2012-05-24 07:18:23
3230 mobile phone and computer via Bluetooth to download the form
I have downloaded the Bluetooth software on the computer, why not phone or search1Betsy2012-05-09 18:23:31
My phone is MOTOLAR L6 type do not have to pay to
Nokia 7370 phone is not on no data lines, we are all in addition to how to use the Bluetooth transfer of data outside of it? ?1Sri Lanka2012-01-01 20:33:42
Nokia 7370 is not in any case the data lines , which are , and how to use the Bluetooth data transfer out of it? ?
How do I use Bluetooth to transfer data L21Alexander2012-03-27 01:41:21
How do I use Bluetooth to transfer data from L2
Why can not I W550C NOKIA HS-26W Bluetooth headset for listening to music, but can only receive calls?1Curry cat 2012-03-07 02:23:29
Nokia cell phone calls and music with no problem , why can only be used to pick up the Sony Ericsson?
How to transfer music from a used iPod to iTunes?0valua patterson2012-07-20 22:27:01
So I changed a used 16GB iPod nano 4th generation ... and has a lot of songs and movies on it ... How I can transfer my iTunes account ? So you can have for iDevices others ... The best response by 10 points ...
Bluetooth phone module can be removed and?1Aum2012-04-28 21:36:45
Bluetooth phone module can be removed and ?
What about the Bluetooth headset connection problems with the PPC phone?1KoKaNeE BaBy 2012-01-06 17:36:00
Now currently using O2 XDA ATOM. Is Windows Mobile 5.0 system . Bluetooth is activated, you can search my Bluetooth headset (I TECH) , when the connection is less than 5 seconds after the call no sound, and music is the same , about 5 seconds, the phone automatically switches to the speaker. I do not know why?
Bluetooth headset phone access PIN forgotten. How to do?1J.M.2012-07-21 22:47:02
I have a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset, the Nokia 8910 in the top before too, is normal, but can not remember when was the need for access to PIN, or set the PIN, I recently bought a Motorola E1 mobile phone models, the access PIN is required , the error was unable to connect, please solve the master! !
Music phone, there are those brands?1vulture2012-04-14 06:33:51
I wish I knew some of the music mobile phone Nokia , no S60 music phone ? You give me some parameters of these phones, including price.
I want to buy a large screen straight around 1300 Bluetooth camera phone in general0mark ,I need help2012-08-01 09:22:02
Sony Ericsson K700 and MOTOL7 heard heavy price if you are a teacher, please tell us about how good other phones

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