Stock Traders: How long did it take you to finally understand trading stock/options? related questions

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Stock Traders: How long did it take you to finally understand trading stock/options?1Bone ▎ ╰ つ cI 2012-10-11 04:11:02
I have 17 years and want to trade stocks or options for a living. I went to class and nature of the twenties , but understand twentysomethings were still unclear. How long does it take to understand everything? I really start actual trading at the time I graduated , which is June 2009.
During a trading day can you buy a stock and an hour later sell the same stock? Is this what day traders do?0Juston2012-11-05 07:06:26
During the trading day can you buy a stock and then an hour later you see that the price has gone up on the stock can you then sell it an hour later? Is this what day traders do sometimes?
Which stock brokerage firm has the cheapest commission of trading stock and options besides please help asap2012-10-04 17:18:07
Looking for a discount broker cheap or deep deep self- directed investors in the U.S. .
What are some UK based stock brokerage firms that allow you to short & long sell stocks using options?0Tracie2012-10-06 20:20:10
I have 18 years and I've been looking all day for good and easy to use British firm brokerage that allows you to sell long and short sell stocks using options trading and strategies. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I tried to E * TRADE , igmarkets , Royal Bank of Scotland , my bank branch , and I am absolutely desperate to find a good one. Could you recommend , please , some good UK based trading options brokerage firms that allow you to sell shares short and long sell shares on stock exchanges around the world through a broker ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Good answers would be greatly appreciated . Thank you.
Taxes on stock trading - day traders?0Linda Jacobson2012-11-04 03:38:12
If I used Roth IRA and trade within that account, are all profits are un-taxed until you retire or pull out the funds? I trade stocks many times a year (within days/weeks, even on daily basis) What is the best way to handle taxes on profits from buying/selling stocks? Any other way to avoid the capital gain tax ?
Help me understand penny stock trading?1.�*�.�i�LoVe�Sk8Er�GuYz�.�*�. 2012-11-02 10:53:02
this is all I know , you buy a stock and sell it when it goes up , how I can buy / sell them? How I can choose a company to buy a stake in ? im all for taking risks just explain how I can do this
What is the best way to learn and understand level II stock trading ?0Carli2012-07-24 20:17:02
What is the best way to learn and understand level II stock trading ? What books, DVD, or attend training ?
What is a good Stock Trading website for beginning traders?1Cupcake2012-07-29 08:50:58
I am a 20 year old sophomore in college . I want to start trading stock. What are some good websites, or books to start reading?
Is this stock trading or mutual fund?Dont understand.?2julee2017-10-06 18:23:10
My mother is a real estate broker for an extremely large brokerage company. It's actually the 4th largest in the World. She told me that just like Microsoft along time ago, her company is getting ready to sell within 2 years because the CEO and Founder is retiring. She said that they are offering 1000 Free shares to all the employees, and any friends and families of employees who become members free shares also before going PUBLIC WITH THIS. And they predict it will be worth atleast $20-$30 a share. SHE wants ME to sign up as a member so I will get 1000 free shares, because if I sign up as a member under her, she will get an extra free 1000 shares on top of the 1000 free shares shes already getting. Now my mom has sign up my dad, and 22 others people already. I heard mutual funds are better than stock trading. Which one is this? Should I sign up? I have by tonight to sign anyone I know up under me,so please tell me asap.
I don't understand stock market / trading terms - can you help me figure this out?0Anonymousss2012-10-26 05:22:18
I have 19 years and still do not. I suppose I should , but I do and it's just annoying to hear about it all the time and do not know what it means. All I know about the stock market is that the actions ( the lowest you can own a company ) are traded in the market and that companies have market symbols to SBUX Starbucks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SBUX put on Google and I get this ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 28.39 -0.10 ? ( -0.35% ? ) (October 25, 4:00 pm ET ) MedlinePlus 28.69 ? 0.30 ? (1.06 % ? ) ( After Hours ) MedlinePlus Open: 28.55 MedlinePlus Height: 28.80 MedlinePlus Low : 27.02 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Volume: 5,699,279 MedlinePlus Avg Vol : 7,218,000 MedlinePlus Mkt Cap : 21.01B MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm basically hoping someone can explain what it all means . 28.39 Does that Starbucks shares trading $ 28.39 when the market closed , but then more trade when closed ? Actually I have no idea what any of those possibilities .
I understand that TWA is now a wholly owned subsidiary of AMR. Why is it stock still trading (i.e. TWAIQ)?0Jennifer A2012-11-03 17:09:25
Would the stock market be more stable if trading were left to the professionals and day traders eliminated?0nada2012-09-22 03:22:02
It seems to me that from day traders ( those entitled to trade daily through the network without professional advice ) and trade in the hands of professionals who really understand and have been trained and educated in the market , the actions worldwide and in America would be more stable . ie Hurricane Katrina : gas prices nearly doubled in the United States. But America has most of its oil and gas from Canada , South America and the Middle East and we have reservations in Utah , Arizona , Texas and Alaska. There was no other reason than greed and speculation that prices will rise .

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