Why do so many sellers do not support Alipay transactions?

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Debashish Banchhor
Asked at 2012-07-06 04:57:03
Why so many vendors do not support transactions Alipay ?
Answer1AlisonAnswered at 2012-07-23 10:50:03
Hello , some traders were selling a large-scale equipment , for example , sell the crusher, ball mill and other big teams , small 1 ton, 100 ton large , using PayPal, the shipment of goods is relatively high, if sent to the client that the client should not , the factory in the sum of a lot of money. So that OEMs usually are not compatible with Paypal, advises clients to go to the manufacturers to see the products, talk about the issue of payment after satisfaction . Such as clothing, and other things , you can use Alipay. In the case of chemicals , goods for testing a class or two days, obviously good , well told (sometimes work well) , and their products do wrong , let alone pay the PayPal payment, but also I want payment , PayPal is by no means , unless the product is popular products , the market rarely will pay, usually are not compatible with Alipay
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