How to sell indoor furniture aboard? related questions

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How to sell indoor furniture aboard?1Lakeisha2012-09-29 22:39:02
Hi, Our factory has a lot of stock furniture like living room cabinet , bedroom cabinet , shoe cabinet , also expected the pen, gift basket willow. Is there any particular company in action or you are looking for white furniture ? ? Do you have any advice on selling shares? Regars carol
Open an office furniture parts factory, who can provide a detailed list of furniture manufacturing machinery and investment budget, thank you!1Binga2012-01-15 23:47:02
I like to open a parts factory, office furniture, we hope to have people working in this field can provide about the necessary equipment for the furniture factory parts, the total investment budget , and related notes and so on! Thank you !
Western-style furniture and Chinese furniture can be placed in supporting it?1Whispering if the dependency 2012-04-16 20:36:52
Western-style furniture, Chinese furniture can be placed on supporting him?
Furniture is the kind of dark brown paint (felt like bright colors of the most common pot) and the white phase Penang, so what color furniture brush paint look good?1Alden2012-01-05 22:30:11
The proportion of white and dark brown paint on the half and half (maybe a little more than a little dark brown) , the bright white walls do not want to paint the furniture with the color as good PD : very, very adequate lighting in the room the walls of the entire window surface is light green fruit ? The blue light ? Light pink ? Purple? Amarillo?
Help me design an indoor staircase1 Shí-[Μa] -2012-03-05 18:55:58
Stairs Chousi me . Maybe, but did not block the balcony? Yellow Zone is open stairway openings . If you put the balcony directly to build a stairway blocked the entrance to the cross. Come on people . I am not a professional , explain to me on the line.
How to Prevent Indoor Air Pollution1rhinoceros2011-12-18 00:47:06
100 to 300 words or less, the best spots on the list.
Pay attention to seven indoor wood Acceptance1cob2012-03-20 21:31:02
Pay attention to the seven interior wood Acceptance
How do I find PVC film for indoor door?2 m1ng-3. -2012-04-24 06:16:25
How I can find the PVC film for interior doors?
Indoor decorate how to avoid pitfall1Gustava2012-01-06 01:23:41
Interior decorating how to avoid traps
How do I find solar indoor light?1Jessie2012-05-05 18:34:18
I was on my shopping list now that I can not find
Split air conditioning how to remove the indoor unit?0Ruan van Rooyen2012-07-13 20:55:02
Because the indoor unit to block a door slightly so want it removed. But no matter how I shake pull the indoor unit is how motionless. . . . 'd Like to discuss the demolition of concrete steps, such as the direction to which pulled more detailed way. Haier air conditioning, and should only be hanging up rather than screw, thank you! !
Between indoor and outdoor air-conditioning refrigerant pipe 2 is it?1Please help me!!!!!!!!!!2012-07-29 12:02:58
Between inside and outside of 2 air conditioning refrigerant pipes ?

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