Good morning greetings with the night seeking a large number of SMS greetings

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Require at least 10. The better especially if a satisfactory answer, the additional 50 min to record the following is personal honesty Total: 2151 daily operation: 680 penalties and other pay: -730 to answer Score: 4946 know the reward: 0 reward to pay: -2745 Anonymous question: 0 Created: 0 Edited: 0 Encyclopedia Awards: 0
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( Revolutions per minute)Good morning ! The stars at night I can not ah ? Good night ! I must be the stars at night ah ! Good night ! Moon in the night sky looked like a round of a round, I hope you like the dream would also like to complete the MoonGood morning ! He looked at the horizon of red pop over and over again , I hope that one day just raised, red, and general ! Good morning ! Good white clouds of heaven , I hope your mood, like clouds in general , good night! Cloud in the sky to see it? I think they're invisible , that is why that slipped behind a cloud and looking at you ! At night we did not think I see his cute sleeping position at night, so I'll have sweet dreams good night : In this quiet night , I send my best wishes , bring my deep thoughts, want to wash my cry his day's effort , a good night sleep will take you to wonderful! A mind to make you safe and sound every day. Good morning : Open your eyes , give you a gentle blessing every minute of it bring health , luck and happiness. I hope you had a good day ! The nightlife and beautiful because of stars and good friends who will gather to help solve the problem and lovers of women know and love , because people are more willing to love , I love you , I love you to understand you ! ! I wish you a happy day! !
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