What do you think I should start: Tim Hightower or should I try trading him for Fantasy Football? related questions

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What do you think I should start: Tim Hightower or should I try trading him for Fantasy Football?2Trevina2012-09-05 05:32:04
I'm playing for the first time , so any suggestions would be great . Thank you !
Fantasy football help who to start?1econs2012-09-11 03:57:02
so I have concerns about two points in my line of my position and my flex position corridor MedlinePlus I was not sure if the place I choose runningback Chris Ivory who had a great game last week against Tampa Bay, but not sure if it was a fluke game or not, because he had done nothing before this game, the plus side when going against Cleveland so it might be a good factor in this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My other option is BenJarvus Green-Ellis had a couple of good games this year, but I thought New England due to Moss trade will become the running game more often guy was wrong last week. Green-Ellis had 10 carries for only 20 yards and a touchdown thankfully. Woodhead else took his carries and was a better choice fantasy not want to risk a week that I'm not sure I have the best week in the RB position for New England. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Turning to the flexed position I could not start one of the above brokers running here and start two or also I have some good receivers that have a high potential. One I have is Danario Alexander of st. louis. Is expected to get 15 points in my league. he just had a good week, but due to the injury of Mark Clayton, but a week may not be an indication that the penalty trust. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My other option is Patrick Crayton except I never consider that Malcolm Floyd is out of Week 7 and Antonio Gates is questionable and will be limited in the game so Phillip Rivers next best option would Crayton however, Crayton is projects only 7 points that worries me a bit, but the icing on the cake is that I have Phillip Rivers and whether to connect td in the game that would double the points, but the opportunity that doeth evil is still quite high. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is my team and alignment as it is now: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus QB: Phillip Rivers sd MedlinePlus RB: Frank Gore sf MedlinePlus RB: Green-Ellis Benjarvis ne MedlinePlus WR / RB: Danario Alexander STL MedlinePlus WR: Dwayne Bowe KC MedlinePlus WR: Brandon Lloyd den MedlinePlus WR: Mike Williams Tues MedlinePlus TE: Vernon Davis sf MedlinePlus Def: MedlinePlus Titans K: Mike Nugent MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Bank: MedlinePlus Chris Ivory MedlinePlus no Pierre Thomas questionable MedlinePlus no Reggie Wayne IND bye week MedlinePlus Patrick Crayton sd MedlinePlus Nate Keading out sd MedlinePlus Vincent Jackson susp. MedlinePlus Def Vikings MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Indeed it is a league of 12 teams and it's a PPR league and if that helps. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Let me know what you think best advice and brightest will get better response reasons.
Who should I sit/start in Fantasy Football Week 8?1Taunya2012-10-07 02:38:03
ESPN standard league, 14 team league, 1 QB - 2 RB - 1 RB/WR - 2 WR - 1 TE - 1 D/ST - 1 K QB - Aaron Rodgers, GB (Probable) RB - Ryan Grant, GB RB - Pierre Thomas, NO RB - Willis McGahee, Bal RB - Jamaal Charles, KC (BYE) WR - Andre Johson, Hou (Probable) WR - Marques Colston, NO WR - Randy Moss, NE (BYE) WR - Greg Jennings, GB WR - Mario Manningham, NYG (Questionable) WR - Bernard Berrian, Min (Questionable) WR - Michael Crabtree, SF TE - Visanthe Shiancoe, Min D/ST - Bears, Chi D/ST - Bengals, Cin (BYE) K - Ryan Longwell This is a 14 team league so my options are quite limited. I just traded away Adrian Peterson for Grant, Thomas, Johnson, and Colston so I hope it turns out to be a good trade. Please rate my team, give me some advice, or tell me who to sit/start for Week 8. Thanks!
Who to start week 10 Fantasy Football?0Ediso2012-08-02 13:57:02
I have the following with needing to choose 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 FLEX, 1 TE Tony Romo @ GB or Matt Ryan @CAR AP @ DET No brainer also have Chester Taylor (wondered if running both is an option) Hightower vs SEA, Forte @ SF, Mendenhall vs Cinn Roddy White @ CAR, Sims-Walker @ Jets, V. Jackson vs Phi, Crabtree vs Chi, Boldin vs SEA I have OAK Zach Miller vs KC due to losing Cooley, traded then for Daniels and lost him.
On Fantasy Football, what is trading block?12- Love Lock closure scared '2015-10-30 23:53:59
I am new at Fantasy Football and I am planning to place Randy Moss in it. If i put him on, does that mean that other team's can make offers for Randy Moss.
What is the last week for trading on Fantasy Football?0uop2012-07-22 01:25:02
There is a period between trade and other players picking up correct ?
Fantasy football excessive trading question?6lijan2015-07-29 22:11:11
One of the guys in our league is an excessive trader and he comes off as a real jerk too. He's already done three trades and the fourth trade he did keeps getting vetoed not because its not fair but I think people are tired of putting up with his crap. Do you think its fair?
How do I put a player on the Yahoo Fantasy football trading block?0DDee2012-07-30 05:59:57
On espn fantasy football...how does the draft pick trading work?0guzy2012-07-27 20:04:02
so they can trade photos in the middle of the season? or just before the project? or must do before the project? (In season). and if possible to do this season , as if someone sold me my first round AP selection , where are you going to do that , even if its possble . any input is appreciated.
Where do you find the TRADING BLOCK on espn fantasy football page?0Mily2012-07-11 16:45:02
In a Yahoo Fantasy Football league, how do you change the trading deadline?0tarra2012-10-14 14:10:40
I am the commissioner of my league and everyone wants it extended.
How do I enable Draft Pick Trading on ESPN Fantasy Football 2010?0Cold cold ˉ 2012-07-08 06:21:02
I am the LM in a 2010 ESPN Fantasy Football Keeper League and I want my league may operate draft picks in their offices. I entered transactions and adjustments of the Guardian and I can not find a way to allow trade in the draft. Can anyone help ?

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