What are preparing the annual inspection? Inspection issues

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What are the preparation of the annual inspection ? inspection issues
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According to the highest level this year, online companies will promote comprehensive annual inspection is divided into two main stages: an online report of the company, the place designated for the second annual review. Please follow the following steps: First, before the online submission of annual inspection for the following materials: work permit, 2009, 12 in the final of "balance" and "income" certificate code, bankers and account number and the Land Tax certificate number, e-mail address. Second, the icon in the Annex to the online presentation of (private sector need to fill in for party building) three, searching online and print before viewing the report online annual report is completed within 5 working days, please visit the website again, information consultation and print "The annual report of business" in the annual report on the official seal stamped by the legal representative of the signature or trademark. If the results of the query as a "re-edit", according to review comments on the annual report or other material on the Internet and re-amend the statement, until it meets the requirements. Fourth, review the procedures for conducting pre-printed material and advice set out in the "Corporate Governance Report" as the "Annual Notice" for a specified time and place of the annual review procedures, the seal of control stamped, to pay the annual fee of 50 yuan. Review the information that: (a) the annual report (6) (b) the designated representative or agent ID card (c) a copy of business license (d) in December 2009 the balance sheet and income statement (v) the audit report issued by the accounting firm (f) annual fee 50
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