Three popular areas of white-collar part-time business what?

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Three popular areas of white collar part-time business , what?
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Franchises. To join a high profile brand, be your own boss, but also to avoid the many risks of entrepreneurship. White-collar workers who want to start, because the use of persons authorized to join a good brand and successful business experience, both to reduce business risk and investment risk, which can be obtained from the authorized operation, management, training, funding, rationing of raw materials, advertising and other aspects of support, reducing risk and time, capital and other startup costs, so the investment is relatively high success rate. Internet cafes. Internet cafes relatively large initial investment, usually a team of 30 Internet cafes to be 15 million yuan. However, after the opening, as long as the purchase of a good software load management, operation is easy. Online Shopping. This emerging industry to reverse the factory shop after the former traditional business model, the cost is very cheap, excess profits created from nothing. Back in the attack and defense - the beautiful ideal of part-time business a few years of work experience for office workers often harbor such ambivalence: on the one hand, want a stable income and do not take risks, On the other hand, complain that wages are also less, can not meet its growing needs of desire. Many people have always had the dream of business, but by the fear of failure and always maintain the status quo, afraid to take the first step in real action. Business side of working people to work side is the first step, and they want to do is swim and save a bold attempt, if successful is the choice of the best of both worlds: the benefits of access to business and business can avoid the risk, effectively combines the advantages of work and entrepreneurship, and really new in the attack and defense. If he fails, he loses not only a business failure may be caused by the economic loss is more likely to face about to lose a steady job once the threat was not the Top Gun and confident. World, there cake and eat something so beautiful? If so, have taken part-time venture beyond the line of caution. Three office workers do not want to start a business in the understanding of many office workers have large errors, 90% of people believed to be very high starting point, you have to have hundreds of billions of capital to start . In fact, besides the basic conditions, provided that attention to the following questions, you can go for it. First, it should: as a business ready to go full time or part-time dedicated to planning your business. Not to do: Do ​​not let your business as a hobby, if you want to bring you benefits, you must be ready in time and capital - the revolution is not a dinner, even part time. Secondly, do: when distracted normal working day - that always pay their share of justice for the people to pay. Three No: when their jobs and part-time business two breathing part of the burden for you, and seems to see the future, do not despair. Remember that many people are so over, most people are behind the success of a dark and confusing. In fact, the above said, or business needs attention. Business at work, difficult time in less than an independent business, you must have a good network of contacts that can help expand the business, but also occurred in the occupied part, to help you. Time business, family and friends, a good wife to see how low. As part-time in main job should not overlook, and a plate to see the boat, this boss will not tolerate any behavior. So having a clear understanding of business not just high profile and should not be underestimated. Notes of entrepreneurship is not new in the way so easy to imagine, part-time independent business is sometimes more complicated than that. In addition to initial capital and other equipment, the man who works in a long time, way of thinking is often limited to the level of the original work is difficult to change quickly leading to a lot of people start to finished a failure. Moreover, not all people are suitable for business when the boss, office workers in business difficulties. First, a person's time and energy is limited, it is necessary to consider their own work, but also worry about the management of business projects, working life is certainly more than tired. In addition, working side of entrepreneurship and independent businesses deal with the issue is more complex, from raising capital, developing marketing plans, recruiting and therefore had to carry a person. Therefore, before the start of the employers from recognizing their own strengths and weaknesses should evaluate the likelihood of success and, after careful research and consideration before making a decision. The money that novices often find the road of the following areas: beginning of the project selection neglected the first problem is the selection of projects. Many people are used to move from individual preferences, often subjectively felt that he liked the project's products for consumers as the lack of accurate pre-market research and rational analysis. In addition, the project is too optimistic about the prospects of increased sales volume and profit margins are expected, while its operating capacity, funding and monitoring of investment risks and other factors underestimated. Cost accounting is not primarily the first place because the lack of experience, the head of many new easy costing too simplistic. First, understanding the concept of cost deviations occur, the cost is the rental company, staff salaries and costs of purchase, costs Secondly, hides many of them can not tell, as computers and other fixed assets, depreciation, maintenance, themselves as major time and energy, which leads to the real situation and the expected profit difference is too large, in promoting issues of negative campaigning as reasonable input and output. Irrational allocation of available funds of funds arrangements are not reasonable, general-use planning, lack of funds. It considers the use of funds when the basic integrity, and the existence of circumstances beyond the relationship between security, the supply chain to consider the follow-up insufficient funds, lack of follow-up professional development support funds. The capital allocation of reasons, many new owners are tying the funds of gravity of the situation, the funds of the drawing operation, and the problems soon. The emergency management technique without opening the door to do business in the three religions that have to deal with a terrible, if not the best of both worlds, but at least have to take care of everything. This is unlike the work in the company, there are always problems to deal with the different departments, although adverse effects are companies [FS: PAGE] Zhao Dan, employees can eat a big loss. And what are its own operations, in the circumstances unforeseen event could lead to a high and close deals. Many new owners have not yet become the paper, usually just do nothing, often because the situation reflects the result of slow growth. Management is not only easy management of the management of internal operations, and in relation to customer management, staff management and motivation and so on. The lack of experience, many new owners are easy to start from the usual thinking, doing things according to their nature, often defeating the internal staff and customer defections is not surprising things. These factors led to a number of senior employees to go directly to be the boss, the results come in high spirits, haunted, lost his wife after bad! Therefore, for these entrepreneurs, venture capital is not only blind to the economy is worse, more deadly is the loss of confidence and courage. When a white-collar workers, there are a lot of knowledge that, with sufficient funds to do the operation, with good connections to the proper investigation of the market with sufficient management experience, there is no reason not to be your own boss a return to?
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