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Is seamless Underware/Clothing Really popular in the Market?9Jaye2012-09-09 18:25:02
Hello clothing is not very innovative seamless ? China have begun to make "seamless " with good management of this techneque ! China will export more clothing transparent instead of traditional clothes ! is a new opportunity to gain market share and any European machine also have a good business machine production for export to China .....
The trend is still popular clothing items1Evelyn2012-03-03 20:07:34
The trend remains popular clothing items
The most popular doll market introduction1Canny2012-02-11 21:56:38
The market introduction of the most popular doll called Super Dollfie SD, is a manufacturing company in Japan Volks 1/3 of the patella can be moved even Hao Zhao sorry for the round shape of the master development. Common general SD High 58cm, 60cm, 13 years old, and the SD high and 43 cm high from the mini SD, the price is different, in general, 4500-8500 RMB yuan, mini SD are generally 2000-4000 yuan. SD function is that it gives players their own modifications, because the standard deviation of the eyes, hair, body joints, hands, arms, legs can be separated not met the assembled players can buy SD card, precisely because of these flexible joint, so we can see the dolls as both SD Pose, or funny or smart, realistic scenes out in front of the camera in history. There is the standard deviation of the face allows players to make their own decisions, whether it is eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner, lip gloss and face, even the red complexion, etc., can allow players to dress like your SD or appearance that the beauty of Aromatic Pan type, create your unique SD. Today's most popular dolls in the market for "sixth" and "third", which, the first of about 30 cm high, with girls playing Jenny, Lika, Momoko dolls with child soldiers, about 60 cm height, only the most popular SD. SD dolls have different height, normal is 58 cm SD, miniSD about 43cm, the last of the SD13 (13 refers to the 13-year-old, it seems) is 60 cm. The standard deviation of the joints can move, you can change hair and eye color can change, can help change Zhuangshu, change the shape of the face. This post has been edited on 04/25/2006 17:30:27 88buba 00642534796210.jpg (0 Bytes) downloads: 02 006 -4-25 15:47
How do I find seamless steel tube from Pakistan impoter0Soraya HELP!!!2012-11-05 04:27:18
Please advise: What kind of business the market is now more popular in the country?0latrice2012-07-14 09:48:02
Please advise : What type of business in the market is now more popular in the country?
How do I find mens dispossable underware?1Gleda2012-03-01 03:30:33
How I can find men's underwear dispossable ?
factory that produce female underware in china6Sandra2012-04-10 22:55:15
How I can find a lingerie factory in China producing
There is no market for old clothing?0Jkim2012-07-12 18:40:02
I want the old clothes agents do not know if there is no market , I was in Gansu
Like clothing production flow chart (like clothing and customers participating companies kind of clothing)0Nieci2012-07-15 23:27:02
Like clothing production flow chart (like clothing and customers participating companies kind of clothing)
wholesale clothing market in china6hyena, hyaena2011-12-30 23:15:25
Where is the clothing wholesale market in China? Guangzhou is better or Hangzhou? or shishi ? or Changshu ? and Shantou? and is hence the name `s market ?
08 new spring and summer clothing market, and many beautiful Yi Yi!1voulez_vous_coucher_avec_moi 2012-01-07 22:53:05
08 new spring and summer clothing market , and many beautiful Yi Yi !
Beijing dahongmen clothing wholesale market1Hilary2012-03-17 08:07:17
Here we Dahongmen market wholesale clothing wholesale, but I think it easily by car, as the wholesale market to the zoo. Is not it something that Dahongmen cheaper than the zoo to do?

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