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Want to buy a phone, please refer to the point of view1Alma2012-01-08 21:59:14
Requires better quality , preferably directly , without an antenna , not the camera. Price of less than 1,000 yuan.
I want a my first cell phone, please refer to reference.1walrus2012-02-26 03:22:33
I am a student only has to work to buy a cell phone . Prices in 1000 to 1,500 yuan . Look it up ! The rigid lines point to point , of course.
How can i understand Trade Finance from banks view point?0musu2012-09-29 02:38:02
I am manager of software projects and to allocate to understand Finanace Trade and Treasury Management
How to plan from a marketing point of view the construction site0La Vonna2012-08-11 14:53:39
How to plan from the marketing point of view the construction site, if a Web site from a marketing perspective to the planning of construction, not spending too much money can promote the flow of it. However, a web site if you can not build on a marketing plan, you can spend a lot of money to drop, web site traffic is very difficult to actually hit him. So the king has been promoting a Web site planning through construction of the concept: from the standpoint of marketing planning and construction. How to plan from the point of view of marketing the site? The different types of sites may be slightly different, but most sites will have to consider the following three points: First, the site responsible for planning and designing a website for SEO, the average 70% of new traffic from search engines if your site from a marketing perspective to the planning and design, then the site has been published, you can easily get traffic through search engines very large. Planning and site design, to be held and SEO, to which must be taken into account the factors? 1, links to plan the structure 2, 3 URL path design, page layout 4, the design title 5, target 6 label design 7 design, site map, SEO and other factors in the design of these areas meet the requirements of search engine to promote the website, so, you can get in major search engines relatively good position, so as not to spend money to help search engines to achieve a endless stream of high quality traffic. Second, the planning and site design to suit the preferences of the users of a Web site, the human design is very, very important, but how the human? Many people may be at a loss, but also human nature to form a series of details, here is simple for everyone to name a few. 1, the site will give users the pleasure of opening web pages faster, the user only feels fresh, how to improve web site speed? nn better able bandwidth of the server are not too many pages of content optimization and compression of nn code to use static pages for weight loss ... ... 2, the site had many users: Many users use the site for the service or function of the stage, you can integrate it easier for users to use the language of praise. Users are happy, you really want your site. 3, the site navigation to guide user navigation for the user is like the plan, it is best to make your navigation guide to the depth of their customer traffic, according to his plan to go slowly the flow of ideas and finally made him to be their customers. Third, the site is necessary to increase the number of network marketing tools network marketing tools, select the site according to the different nature of the options, as the website business class will have to have the following tools : l, set in line with the customer service line system of customer service, then it will greatly improve your conversion rate website. 2, the potential customers in the tracking system for most of the follow-through after a multiple end customers. 3, the network marketing network marketing analysis systems analysis systems, Web sites can present a variety of marketing data at a glance. 4, the other network marketing tools
Dudes from your point of view, does my male friend like me!? from this..... ill help you! tyvm 10pts!!?0Quintina2012-07-17 17:33:02
lets call him omar. my friend...okay nearly 4 wks ago i had a graduation party. he came. well i started drinking and became pretty drunk. NOT too too drunk. First time we EVER chilled outside of the store. we actually only chill,when he&my mom works the same shift. keep reading........... -he&i walked around hugged up together,everywhere we were joined to the hip. [not sure if it were cause i was drunk&didnt want me to fall or just wanted to be close to me??] -i asked him to slow dance, he said sure. i believe i said something as to liking him? he called me sis. [he works with my mom, he calls her mom, and my little sis calls him, her big bro] -i heard he smiled alot. -we walked around the block. he told me about his GF. im 18,hes 19,his GF is 28. so i told him about my ex. he said wait the right one will come. he said he wouldnt trade his girl for nothing. -put out his hand as if he wanted to hold hands? i didnt grab it...i shouldVE!!! -he has my number but has yet to call/txt me. 2wks ago i txtd him "hey __" he replied "hey __" i said "wyd" he never replied.IDK he barely sees his girl so it wasnt because of her, he DOES txt other females. thats not the case! -i sense him coming closer to me, space wise. he messes with me more. -sometimes we lock eyes, like IDK... i look at him, he looks at me, but then i turn my head lol. -one time i blew him a kiss while we were playing, he was hiding, he didnt do anything. he SEEN it. EVERYTIME, my little sis&him hugs. but he never hugs me like that.? about 1 WK. ago my momma said i liked him TO HIM, she thought he knew lol but now he does haha. his reaction was "he smiled and said forreal" yesterday for the first time we were alone, we went to the college, on our way there it was super quiet lol but once we got down it was much better... he was messin with me&stuff&mentioned his gf once.
Is software protection affected by the cloud computing from a legal point of view?0Allison - Carson2012-08-25 05:40:19
Legally you can protect your software in a number of ways . Any patent , copyright , trademark , trade dress , unfair competition ( or misleading in the UK ) . How the cloud is going to affect those methods anyway? And that's what really matters in the light of contractual protection that is always available when the license of your product ?
What are valuable finance classes from employers' point of view? (for undergrad students).?0Mizzy Kay2012-09-11 23:48:03
finance classes that are valuable from the point of view of employers ? ( for undergraduate students ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus International financial management , futures trading , financial institutions , investment , finance, advanced business , where corporate finance, options , managmement portfolio , or other ? Any suggestions will be appreciated . Thank you.
From the perspective of sales and marketing point of view is in line with the major car to the countryside, its characteristics?0Faneka2012-07-15 05:18:04
From the perspective of sales and marketing point of view is in line with the major car to the countryside, its characteristics?
From the Feng Shui point of view, is putting the house in the trunk of all-good? Or better put the boot in different colors?1Lo2011-12-22 05:00:01
Luggage loaded with baggage from the point of view of Feng Shui, is to put the house in the trunk of all good ? Or rather the boot in different colors?
GPRS access point how to set the phone?1Laura2012-05-26 01:40:20
My phone is NOKIA6670 have recently demonstrated in the GPRS can not connect, check the GPRS service ! But I also use it to extract the e- mail the other day? How I can configure?
My phone appears white point (NOKIA7610)1freak on a leash 2011-12-22 05:00:20
My phone shows the white dot ( NOKIA7610 )
How to view your mobile phone launched what services ah?1Afra2012-01-21 04:52:30
Specific points thanks , the

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