Someone please answer thisss! Having Second Thoughts About Everything I'LL ANSWER YOURS

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Okay so this French guy also neighbors of my friend asked me to prom in the same February and I said yes . He's not going to school My Tho ... what about him is that he left high school to go because trade in the school knows what to do . Sold grass .. and smoke .. and now. It is also very nice and fun. whos my friends neighbors with him, says hes awesome and "the soul of the party." but anyway, Saturday was my friends party and he was there . 2 other kids in my school who were there were laughing at him all the time because they think hes wholeee an idiot for not finishing high school and feels " bad vibes from him (my friend told me ) all that was going to do at the party that would make comments likeoh learned in business school .. or hes an idiot and he would laugh all the time. after my friend said I was going to dance with the boy as shittt hes ups . and nowww im having second thoughts about it! and today I was walking down the hall with my friend and I heard a friend of his said to another boy, is ( me ) actually goes to dance (he )? and I really do not know what else to do .. I like but I 'm not going to date him because of that .. and it made me more shy of him and stuff .. idk what to do: ( i cant without inviting him to the prom caause that is not an option for someone's help : s
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Please treat each other well. Everybody has difficulties that we have to overcome, do not know later but how to live each day happily.  Red Ball 5  

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