I have opened a demat account and want to do intraday trading.? related questions

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I have opened a demat account and want to do intraday trading.?2Karina2012-10-23 19:56:01
Can anybody give suggestion or tips? Dont have experience in share trading.
I have opened a saving account, demat account and trading account in axis bank.now i have to purchase shares ?0Takada2012-07-09 16:28:01
give me complete procedure of working of all three account with suitable example? please and tell how to trade online ? i am new and zero to these ?give me suitable example?
Is demat account necessary for doing Intraday trading? How risky intraday trading for an individual?1larrial2015-07-14 02:41:33
I opened a demat account provided with trading account no cash and derivatives. Now to transact what to do?0Michelle K2012-07-15 05:42:03
I have demat account with OBC bank. Can I have another demat account with icici with trading account?0Alexsa2012-07-28 16:00:02
How many demat a/c and Margin trading a/c can be opened in the name of single individual?0bullfrog2012-09-22 04:00:03
Most people have two or three bank accounts because there is no limitation on the number of bank a / cs can keep This rule applies to Demat A / C and margin trading a / c . How many trade demat / c room a / c can be opened . If I'm new in Indian stock market , and opened a margin trading a / c with a broker and if I am not happy with their sevices , I can open ? Margin trading a / c with another broker . Will I have to close above a / c . Is there a rule on this subject
I want to open DEMAT account for online shares trading.Which bank demat A/c will be best? I think SBI best?>?0AM2012-10-14 10:09:49
What documents should I bring to open Demat account ? Will test adress is the document necessary? ( I am staying at remote location where demat near a facility / c not there.I am going to Hyderabad for some construction and will open a c / well) . So please suggest .
Which is the best demat services in india for intraday trading on line?2CARMEN2012-09-02 08:28:02
I want to open a demat trading account in india for trading in intraday. As per your view which bank or agency is best for intraday trading on line which can give me better facility at reasonable rates..can you help please?
Wat is the difference between a demat and demat trading account?0PAPI2012-07-19 10:21:02
I would like to open trading account and demat account?can anyone suggest me which agents are good?0DET 2012-07-18 10:06:05
I would like to open a trading account who will take care of my demat ac,buying and selling of shares?Where i dont need to go online and whose charges are not high and who give good advise on shares?
I have internet banking account with SBI. I want to open a Demat Account for trading. Should I go for ICICI?0Shivangi2012-09-17 14:08:05
Which bank ( SBI or ICICI ) is the best service provider for demat / online trading etc.
How to open demat account and what is trading account? Why the charges is different from one from another?1Lana2012-08-13 03:06:01
Iam interested in investing in shares but every financial advisor is confusing solutions . Iam not interested in trading with stocks, but want to invest in stocks as long-term assets . Please advise me .

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