Selling clothes, clothing stores to make money step by step process to win (b)

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Selling clothes, clothing stores to make money step by step process to win (b)
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Sale of clothing, clothing stores to make money step by step process to win (b) five years, managing the store and buying guide training: the ultimate goal of sales is done through the guide shopping, shopping guide and shopping guide untrained trained. 1, the cleaning is not clean, subtract 1 point. 2, no courtesy, subtract 1 point. 3, the register to write a single failure, subtract 1 point. 4 of late, leave early, subtract 1 point. 5 shelves, irregular, subtract 1 point. 6, three days for the underwear model first, was not performed, subtract 1 point. 7, high counter change of goods once a week was not performed, subtract 1 point. 8, the coin is the case of deficiencies, the case of counterfeit money, subtract 1 point. 9, no save electricity, water, telephone, subtract 1 point. 10, during office hours talking about a private matter, Xixi, chat, without the application of the rotation of rest, subtract 1 point. 11, the hospitality is not serious, not hot, subtract 1 point. 12 months' leave of absence for more than 3 times the number, subtract 1 point. Note: 6 is happening if not for 2 consecutive months, automatically fired. (C), the commercial terms of guide 1, the customer approaches the store, the first caused by the greeting "Welcome, please feel free to look (Mandarin)!" 2, when the eyes of the client to stay in one style, the style of product features and selling points presented, and recommended that the trial of "Big Sister / miss, this model is the most popular this year has certain advantages, some people have bought, especially the right to use after you try it. "and ask about their code number, and withdrawal of products and deliver them to customers. 3, presented to customers interested in trying the clothes: "In my experience, believe me, style and color is right for you, try it." 4 If the customer selects a clothing item, to praise his vision good time. . "Big Sister / Miss, you look good, your choice is our most popular models, I will wrap" 5, do not try to ask the client after the feeling, take the initiative, said: "You wear this style and was very decent to use. "6, the cash settlement to pay for the received and sing:" There was a total of 100 yuan, 12 yuan, thanks! "7, the transfer of products. "Please take good, we thank you!" 8, the client chose not to buy time. "Do not worry, you are welcome to visit again when we have new a given population, adequate time again." 9, when the customer when necessary clothing out of stock. "Sorry, I love the style of (number) is temporarily out of stock, as a convenience, please leave your contact details, an action, we will inform you immediately." 10, when the discount when the customer requirements. "Sorry, our company has a strict system of promotions, national unity, pardon can not be excluded." 11 that the customer can go, binoculars each other at the door of the store, nodding, "Please walk" 12, on the phone, Putonghua is to say, "Hello, shop name ", by hanging," Goodbye. " (D) of professional knowledge about the functioning of the clothing store, with the location and purchase of goods is closely related to the eyes. To make a clothing store, we have good sales methods, the most crucial point is to "understand" purchase. This "understanding" of the word that contains the contents of very large, not only for the location of purchase, the level of wholesale prices, and the face of the customer base, but also understand the preferences of the customers of the shops, body characteristics, it is important Taohuo will, to refine a pair of eyes that the selected products. The experience takes time and experience is gained, to achieve the consummate state, at least 3 years or so. Buying clothes for marketing, quantity, known as "dual appropriate" is the key to a business must understand. Clothing business, you need the market, but also adequate, but difficult to master both the "quasi". Many investors for the first time because the eyes are not allowed to go shopping, I have eaten at the first purchase when burned, and some said with a smile: In the clothing store first game will be the order book, the best is to carry some of the products first. (According to the local characteristics of each form of purchase, or code assigned 1:2:2:1 1:02:01 proportion, color according to market demand, not according to their buying preferences, or can be used to pull it!) clothing store operating season between May and August each year and 10 months to the Spring Festival next year, the benefit is generally between 30-120%. Only list the most profitable and popular new clothes, up to 200%, with the epidemic season in the past, prices for clothing have declined gradually until the end of the season, only 10% of profits to 20% or even the sale of insurance in order to return the funds. Selling at a loss of these signs, a trick to attract customers are businesses, merchants will not make the loss of business. Even a few at a loss, compared with most high profits, is negligible. VI 1 inventory management of the store, the sales of a single day 2, the daily inventory of goods, recorded 3 monthly billing Table 4, Jin Huodan seven years, advocacy 1, Jiuzhe Opening. 2, Valentine's Day: hanging banners in the city fabric, the subject of advertising: "What Ou No Valentine's Day send your favorite underwear hard to attract" buy and send the chocolate, stir in the city, many people have these ads as a mantra. March 3 Octave: In the city hanging cloth banners, the issue of advertising: "The heart of man to be a woman," shopping and shoulder strap, two advertising campaigns, and the position of established leadership in the shop in town, so there are no pairs also move the power. 4, in order to enhance the shopping, restaurant prepare the introduction of shopping: buy over 100 may participate in sweepstakes shopping, bonus coupons for the value of 5-100 dollars, the introduction of this event, so our restaurant sales growth of 20% or more. 5, Schedule Cleaning: A, to discount the slow-moving items ,5-8, B, "buy one get one" to buy clothes to send attachments. 6, long-term gift-buying more than 88, send a beautiful mirror (self-purchase, name and phone number printed, store advertising is obvious). . . . . . If conditions permit, can have long-term promotional activities, while constantly changing promotions to give consumers a sense of freshness. VIII, an experience in the business, the business will be prosperous Wadi. 2, the shopping guide sure to go let it play, and must have professional knowledge, management must be clear, systematic, there must be reasonable salary commission. 3, the price of goods to be complementary and not hanging from a tree. 4 out more promotional activities, in addition to the provisions of the activities of the company must try to "S" city to expand consciousness. 5, the old customers, customers are VIP customer management, customer birthdays, holidays, new stock exchange, promotional discounts that send text messages to customers, connect, build rapport. 6, do not disparage competitors, especially the major quality brands, our competitors to analyze the operation, taking advantage of others, to jointly create a favorable market environment. In short, good management and a proper lingerie shop attitude of principle, not the existence of psychological wealth management, good intentions warehouse, and customers rely on the experience accumulated gradually, rather than learn from some successful operators to establish goals, a good business successful experience will be repeated in several different places in the chain to open will be the first industry in the region. IX, the business license application in the business of the store, you must first apply for a license, or has no license. License application is divided into two types, one is the applicant's license issued by the Office of Trade and Industry, and the other is the capital of the smallest, only to business registration, business issued by counties and cities local. Most of the shops is not the capital, are only for the registration of business enterprise. In addition, tax authorities also claim the bill evenly, unless allowed free use of uniform invoice, otherwise, they all want to spend. In addition to the business license application, but if you want to own stores are hanging posters, to be abused by others, I want to be able to have engaged in the Bureau of Industry and Trade will also apply for registration of service mark. Front of the store by the name of hanging signs, in addition to text or line name, you can have your own special design, which is not good text and image, known as service marks. The application with your company or business is different, both names may be different. Therefore, do not want their unauthorized use, future flagship, the service must first apply for trademark registration if the applicant company, store, or registered service marks, company agent's commission can be handled .
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