How has options-trading affected the workings of a stock-only market? related questions

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How has options-trading affected the workings of a stock-only market?1liliy2012-07-15 19:38:02
Has (Does?) options-trading (futures) affected the stock market? Is there any positive or negative impact of trading options directly or indirectly on the trading of stocks? Not that I'm not trying to understand what is options trading - I am trying to find out if there has been any study on the impact of futures trading on a stock market on a general scale.
Options Trading. How can I find out what options are trading for in the Canadian Stock market?11232012-09-28 04:01:02
How I can know which options are traded on the Canadian stock market ? Is there a website that provides this information for free? If not, what is a good web site that does not charge much for this information?
What are the market hours for stock options trading?0per4mer2012-07-30 15:32:56
The regular hours are 9:30 securities until 4 , but there are hours before and after is nothing like that for options trading ?
Stock market simulator with options trading?0nur2012-08-06 07:36:46
Any idea about which site is allowing simulator with options trading ? Thanks , everyone.
Who has the best signal service for trading options on the stock market?0tiffay2012-07-11 01:46:02
With auto-trading would be nice.
Where can i study about trading options in indian stock market?2Ina2012-09-04 12:04:03
Where I can study on options trading in Indian stock market ?
Which website is best for Indian Stock Market options trading in India?1infected mushroom 2012-09-19 21:18:01
Who give the best service for options trading in indian stock market?0Caren2012-09-13 07:12:04
Exclusive options (buying and selling ) if history
Where Can I Find A Good Option Trading Course For Stock Market Options?0Devaughn2012-07-28 05:16:59
I just finsihed reading Trading for Dummies and really want to learn more before you start trading in stock options , there is a course that can be taken online or something?
Can Trading Options In The Stock Market Make You A Full Time Income?0Marha Encarncion2012-08-12 06:20:07
I quit my job , but still need a solid source of income. Some friends of mine have suggested trading stock options, but is it really possible to make enough income to replace my standard or my job?
Any site to learn futures and options trading in Indian stock market?0Cindy Nguyen2012-07-13 02:43:01
Can you trade IPOs using options right after a companies IPO has started trading on the stock market?1Brian 4th grade2012-08-22 09:30:03
I want to know if when a company has an IPO, if you can start using options to trade that companies stock right after the IPO has started trading on the stock market? Please give me a simple, easy to understand answer to earn Best Answer.

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