What would happen if the government banned futures trading of oil? related questions

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What would happen if the government banned futures trading of oil?3Bettye2012-07-18 18:16:02
What if the government banned futures trading in oil ?
Futures trading halted by government to prevent unrest?0maelee2012-09-30 06:02:02
The government of India has taken the controversial decision to end all trade valuable commodities futures , maintenance of life , such as wheat and rice . . . in an effort to calm the panic and temporarily stop rampant speculation on the severity of the shortage . . . If the U.S. government be able to do the same in times of emergency . . . or you see market conditions could lead to civil unrest? Keep in mind . . . New York Stock Exchange has emergency protocols in place to close the market should decline affected " Acts of God ... " Reference close post 9/11 . . . From the New York Stock Exchange closed temporarily declining market should be able to close markets for wild and speculative inclinations ?
Do you think a revolution will happen because people feel they can't fix the government?2reeves2012-09-07 20:17:02
I believe it might happen one day because people want a better government, they are sick of the lobbyist and special interest running the country, many people don't want the trade agreements or illegal aliens in the country and they could stop that in 15 minutes by putting the army on the border, many many other things people are sick of and the government is not fixing it, i just think it could all lead to a bunch of pissed off people wanting a new government for the people and by the people.
Government policies are known to cause famines, with commodities going up could it happen again soon?0~{Happy Face}~2012-08-01 07:45:02
Commodities are already high, and expected to continue to climb. It's caused by the influx of printed money devaluing the dollar, and true inflation is expected to begin July-August. Add to that high fuel prices. Commodity Futures Trading Commission http://www.cftc.gov/OCE/WEB/index.htm
Which schools have futures trading courses with commodity seminars from professional futures traders ?0Wale2012-07-30 15:44:57
I'm a graduated student about business administration . Now I'm looking for some futures trading courses with commodity seminars and day future trading seminars from renowned professional futures traders.Do U know where teach options trading courses that will give me the trading mindset of being a pro-trader ?
Can I get in trouble for trading in a Banned xbox 360?0Madeleine2012-07-30 12:21:02
It still has the seal of warranty. I do not alter it. Turns well and everything is online play is perfect good Do you think the gameowners will test the line?
When share trading is compared to gambling, why is it not banned?1Godswill2012-11-03 11:42:04
When compared to trading the game , why not banned ?
When was the trading of slaves banned in America, and in Britain?1when it rains2012-07-03 05:06:11
Do not forget that the slave trade not slavery itself.
Should members of Congress be banned from insider trading on pending legislation?2britt2012-10-06 10:29:02
I think all members of Congress should put their private wealth in a blind trust managed by independent directors, while serving in public office. In the current situation , it is no surprise to learn that 50 % of congressmen belong to 1 %. They come to the office of the poor, but leave as millionaires !
On runescape my account was banned for real world trading. im still muted?3~Proch~2015-08-28 02:14:01
I went on the offensive unattractive and was about to be banned is nothing in the section of silence. Its been about 3 weeks since being reinstated ?
Will jagex monitor your account if u get banned for Real World Trading?1Zeppelin 2012-08-22 06:47:23
They monitor your account jagex if u get banned for real world trade ?
On ruescape i was banned for real world trading.i can appeal to reduce my 13 day ban but what do i say.?2Eri2012-08-21 08:49:25
I need something good to say to reduce my ban. please help me

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