Will I lose this paypal/ebay case? I messed up, made a newbie mistake!!?

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Asked at 2012-07-04 14:33:02
Here is what happened. I would please love if someone with experience answer to this.
Sold a expensive trading card to a relatively new buyer
Confirmed Address, in the U.S
He payed, I shipped Priotory Mail. The trading card was 700$. I put delivery confirmation, but I FORGOT TO PUT SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION!!! I read that if I do not put it on 250$+ signature confirmation I will lose the case regardless?
So I am now hoping that my buyer is honest and will not file INR.
The buyer files Item Not Recieved through Paypal (Not ebay, if it makes a difference), even though the tracking didn't even say it was delivered or reached yet! It says I have 7 days and it will be escalated!

What should I do? I think this buyer noticed I didn't do signature confirmation and is attempting to scam me! Anyone with experience of this?
Answer1BoltonAnswered at 2012-06-17 11:45:03
I do not know how long the state that struck his car, but if it is within a week or two you can still call the local police tell dept.and you need to file a police report for insurance purposes and hit him when , both have how.If Seprate policies should pay up I hit my parents car when I was younger and state farm paid, I had to pay the deductible, but as you said . if the damage is not too much you may want to pay out of pocket , make the insurance payment would go up. But otherwise you are simply goes around because if you file a police report can not pass a bill, because its on private property , then the two insurance companies only will be played between them selves . if your dealing with your agent might want to go through he might go directly to your co -insurance. yourself.you have no number on your return.
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