Small business how to "Search Marketing"

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Small business how to "search marketing" The very fact that the online business home jewelry toy store has been opened almost a year, while taking a variety of promotions, but still not satisfactory operating conditions. Ms. Zhang decided to start trying to use search marketing. However, faced with a variety of search marketing, search marketing tools and complex use of the environment, how to choose and use, is there a relatively easy way to trick it? First, select the type of search marketing services. To better enjoy the search marketing business to bring business value, must in the current market to a select number of search marketing products that suit their own paragraph. Overall, the current basic product search marketing services are divided into two types: one way Caiyong competition fees, which is characterized by free enterprise Chujia competition, pay-per-click, and flexible search advertising costs, advertising content and location can be based on real-time business owners of the business changes, adjustments updates on search marketing for a certain understanding, and a certain economic strength of the enterprise. Second, select the search provider. Currently there are Baidu search provider, Google, Yahoo, Sina, Sohu and so on. Fixed fee to market, Baidu, Yahoo, Sohu's market influential, most users. Although all three have offered fixed fee services, search marketing, but its own product features and user groups still have relatively large differences. Fixed costs such as Baidu search service known as the hot zone to the text descriptions and links to performance because a larger than Baidu's users, a wider range of marketing, so its search service prices are also relatively high, up to millions each year. Third, select the delivery keywords. Studies show that 75% of search users enter more than one or more keywords to search for information they want, while 44% of people will enter the key words with 3 or more. Therefore, the key words based on the cost of delivery should be to maximize exposure. Fourth, select the ideal advertising space. May not be the best choice to rank the most forward, most search engine positioning search high and low prices will vary with the location, but some search engine results will not be left blank for the position of not selling, the latter will replace up to purchase the item. This post has been unified at 2008-03-28 13:14:10 edited green tea
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Concise ! One advantage ! Thank you ! Wonderful, beautiful , please , Author , ah goes to a lot of dedication to you the blessings of agate stones --- Hannaford !
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