How do I find agents for readymade garments? related questions

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How do I find agents for readymade garments?0daran2012-07-04 09:21:01
i want to start a readymade garment shop at i want to know that where to source the Men,Women & kids garments with reliable and good quality with competitive price
How can I do the trading of readymade garments made of lucknow chikan thru net?2Andr2012-09-27 01:47:02
How I can do the trade in readymade garments made ​​of Lucknow chikan through net ?
How will I find genuine buyers of garments?1shaharyar2012-09-29 07:41:02
I am looking for new buyers of ready made garments from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other Western Countries. I do have some inquiries but it seemed that most of them are just simply looking for samples to be sent to them freely. Sometimes, I find format which is almost similar to one another.
“ wholesale childen's garments - price of 115778” of dust coat of the Shang Mian when childen's garments small spirit is fourth is producing the home 1 yuan is kite who can tell me1Hanoi2012-02-13 05:51:12
"wholesale clothing childen - price 115,778 " layer of dust from his clothes , when Shang Mian small childen 's spirit is the fourth house is producing the 1 yuan is the kite that I can say
Want IMPORTER / BUYER RMG DENIM long pants and shirts, PANTY
How to find commission agents for petrochemicals1Adam2012-04-01 07:48:01
We are a group of suppliers of raw materials for industries around the world different. We are in business since 1978. We are currently looking for some commission agents and distributors in different countries. Some products are synthetic rubber , rubber process oil , paraffin wax, PE wax , etc. Please advise how we can succeed in it as soon as possible.
How can I find agents of order booking?1otc2012-07-24 04:49:02
How I can find booking agents in order?
How can I find agents for welding electrodes?1Vows. 2012-04-17 18:55:45
We Hebei Century Great Wall Welding Material Co. , Ltd., a professional manufacturer of welding electrodes in China with over 20 years experience. Only member of AWS in China, has CE , ORI , CQC certificates of IQNet , the quality strictly according to AWS standard. Welcome to customers around the world will be our agents in your local market!
How to find the product do agents Liver hangover?1Alexande2012-03-21 20:07:18
Who wants to be the agent of a hangover product of the liver?
Hope to find good TPU agents in Asia,who can help me?4. I m hurt him! continued 2012-03-14 11:21:12
I hope to find good agents of TPU in Asia, that can help me ?
Online agents will not be fooled ladies free agents?1Duane2012-07-14 15:19:04
If I were someone else in the company agent 's product line, is up I can ask the trade of goods is to buy things online , as I like to pay the normal buying process goes ? Or private money to go through the payment of a treasure to the people to fight, not be taken
where have the kids garments?1collective singular noun2012-03-20 21:57:15
there a few children dressed websit in China , you can see here is fashion girl , clothing for children , shoes .

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