Will Yun Qi of the manufacturers of baby products is true?

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Asked at 2012-07-04 00:20:01
Ali TrustPass members , manufacturers Address : Puding County Road No. 319-321 , but that is not compatible with PayPal, you want to know that this plant is not true, have informed the trouble speaking
Answer1mariyaAnswered at 2012-09-13 02:39:06
Let me answer now , is a lie , my friend of 10 years , the morning of March 21 to pay 3232 yuan to another , the reason that the other party for the first time to pay so much money , because I think that is completely TRUSTPASS members. If he is not a member TRUSTPASS can not give you a payment , there is a bit of a Google search where there is no complaints from him , so they pay for muddle -headed , and today is 23, playing every phone , said property I pay 5,000 yuan deposit, and then rejected it , he said it was impossible to leave him lying to me that I have $ 5,000 to 10,000 yuan a friend spent nearly sinks . Then check that had to sell a brand of women cheaper than the official answer I am looking for customer service in the situation , and then understand the end , this may be warned Teresa of Yun , the dress has all pirates map of the shelf , and should not be taken . not support Alipay no problem , and you can pick up , big liar , be careful not to be misled ,ah ! care also am concerned about the authenticity of the business, very cheap clothes , but 2,500 yuan subsidy , or prudence as well! I grabbed the case of a mill , I also victims , 2,500 yuan had been duped , now I have to take three steps , first everywhere to promote his trap , and the second Alibaba complaints so closing the store , the third District Public Security Bureau to report fraud they have been deceived by 2,000 yuan , with friends on the same as above , the assets to pay 5,000 yuan deposit , I called the police and let justice , I am a liar , are in our hard- earned money , is too hateful, and I hope the Public Security Bureau immediately took him
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