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Jiangshan Electronics Co., Ltd., focused on the production of digital information calendar (calendar)1DAY' VAUGHN2012-07-14 16:16:02
Jiangshan Electronics Co. , Ltd., engaged in the production of digital information calendar (calendar ) Our company specialized in consumer electronics ( digital reporting calendar ) in the development , production and sales. This beautiful and practical digital products , fashion and generous , full of market prospects. His gifts of the whole business of the country , dealers to establish a long term relationship ! The key is developing the gift industry of the introduction of new promotional products, your company can be used as a business development but also as a gift to use. This gradual sale of digital electronic products at home and abroad are invited to apply information to analyze and establish business cooperation. Waiting for good news ! Please visit our website http://www.js-gd.com sincere desire success in your work! Jiangshan Electronics Co. , Qingyuan City Tel : 020 -83760308 Fax: 020 -83760171 Contact: Wang Xingang
Is there calendar to you can look over there?1Karen2012-04-26 18:36:41
Is there timing so you can look over there?
Calendar spread question?0kb2012-08-04 16:01:02
When YHOO was at $15.55, I traded the following Calendar spread. (A) Bought (Buy To Open) 1 Jan 2013 $10.00 Call @ $5.95 Premium (B) Sold (Sell To Open) 1 Jul 2012 $15 Call @ $2.05 Premium. So I received credit of 100*$2.05 and debit of100*$5.95. I did this based on the price movements of Yahoo in recent times. Now I am concerned about the (B) trade above...does it have unlimited downside risk? Did I sell an uncovered call? Bottom line, what will be my profit or loss for both trades if for following three scenarios. 1) If before Jul 2012, Yahoo is at $12 2) If before Jul 2012, Yahoo is at $18 3) If before Jan 2013, Yahoo is at $12 4) If before Jan 2013, Yahoo is at $18 I am getting more confused as I try to do this myself. Please help. - Thanks in advance from a first time Call Option writer and a novice option trader.
About options trading, especially covered calls and calendar spreads?2Shruthi2012-09-26 03:49:02
If I'm working full time and can not see the computer all day , I can do these things safely ? What if there is a rapid adverse change in share price ? I can make a point ? Brokerage to unravel all trade ?
What time of year, electrical discount calendar harm ah?0Brittney Hoang2012-07-27 07:57:01
Yongle , Suning , Gome , the calendar year in damage when the discount, and at that time?
Can effect the watch to work if the calendar in my watch is bad?1tarra2012-07-31 11:15:02
Can effect the watch to work if the calendar in my watch is bad? Sources: www.titanbuyer.com titan gold www.bookwowgold.com wow gold
I was 1982 solar calendar before dawn will be born at 1 o'clock on July 10, which immortal elder brother, immortal elder sister helps me calculate, when to see me you can marry?1marty2012-10-15 13:00:02
Because I always have no use of peach blossom, no method, come here for help! ! !
Who long to adjust production Desai digital fixed telephone calls using the display time1Natalie2012-04-04 02:30:11
Who long to adjust production Desai fixed digital telephone calls using the display time , caller display model is the DS -130. Now the display shows the time and date is wrong , the machine did not specifically adjust the timing of the button, simply connect the telephone line, automatically time out , and the actual date , time, a large deviation due to loss of product specifications , which has been unable to proofreading, who is in distress , please adequate guidance !
How to place the information to carry out backward production site business?1David2012-02-03 07:20:59
We hope you have experienced this kind of problems can explore together
Shanghai Sunshine Housing Production | Shanghai high-grade production of sun room | Shanghai villa sun room make | Shanghai steel production of sun room | Shanghai production of glass sun room0raequan lyon2012-07-22 17:34:02
Shanghai has a sun room which made the manufacturers
Silverlit Toys Interview: Success due to more focused1Leon2011-12-22 04:46:21
Silverlit Toys interviews: HC success as it focuses more on Silverlit Toys Factory Limited distribution network manager Chen Weiqi interview. Huicong Canal toy industry: exposure, what are the main products drive your business? The client's response? Chen Weiqi: this exhibition, press the two main products: Queen Bee Digital helicopters and small electronic pets. Customers responded well, little Queen Bee helicopter orders a lot of digital technology, we can say that it is scarce. HC channel toy line: The company is the proportion of domestic and export toys How much? They are sold to which countries? How sales this year? Adjusting the exchange rate, raw material prices of these factors increases in sales of your company have a greater impact? Chen Weiqi: Our 90% products exported, mainly to Germany, United States, Britain, Japan and other six countries. Sales of silver were steady upward trend, adjusting the exchange rate, commodity prices increases of these factors have an impact on us, but the impact is not very large. Huicong Canal toy industry: the positioning of their products and features of the toy, what? Chen Weiqi: Our specific products for the high, the price to 2000 in the tens of dollars per month. The most outstanding feature of our products is reflected in innovation, we have the technology and other digital high in our products. HC channel toy line: In your opinion at home and abroad, which is the business of video games and his company in the same degree, and your company can compete against? Chen Weiqi: Currently, the country can be said in the video game industry is the Silverlit best, even in foreign countries can be very little competition and silver. Silverlit electric toys and Barbie dolls are the same international brand. HC channel toy line: Do you think the game what is the trend? What kind of video games market will be? Weiqi Chen: I think video games are the future of digital trends. Currently, electric car toys very common, not very well done. The model is very expensive and easily broken, we have developed this as a starting point to produce a toy model airplane, and use digital technology in what will be our focus. Then we will also introduce automated robots. This is also another objective. Toy line HC Channel: Do you think your current success of the most critical factors? Chen Weiqi: focus on the pursuit of perfection.
I feel far less memory decline in the past, there is always the attention is not focused on, how can I do?1astasia2012-07-15 21:25:02

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